OddCandy | Walking on Sunshine

I'm walking on sunshine...or at least in it with these super yellow tights! This was my second and last outfit for the shoot with Carla Violet, and, weirdly enough, it was almost identical to Carla's outfit. We even had a shot together, which I might post here, but I have to ask it from her first :)- update - see it here

Oh yeah, I hate Macao's weather! After giving us the beautiful sun back for some of these photos and my cutesy post, once again it is freezing. Especially where I work. But I have to brave it...nonetheless, Spring, please come soon!

I'm craving new shoes. I want flatforms! I wish it was payday alrready..anyways, I don't know if I've ever posted these shoes here before but I bought them in China. Quite painful to walk in, but doable...and they're really cute. Oh and I fell down stairs in them...yeah...I can hear you guys asking me : 'you don't fall in six inch heels but do in one inch ones??' with incredulous faces, but so is the irony of my existence sometimes :))

And that concludes our latest shoot..nothing else happened during my day-off, except that I got so scared of the rumours about acid rain due to the accident in Japan that I sort of ran home, and missed all my other errands when it started to drizzle. My condolences to Japan by the way. No one deserves that kind of tragedy. Anyway, that's it for this post...thank you, dears, for the comments and support so far!

xx kisses xx - Che
Sweater : Bossini
Polo Shirt : highschool shirt (it even has a badge)
Skirt : local boutique
Boots : China



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  2. The style is sooooo you, Chezka - bright stockings!!Love the combination of the polka skirt and the yellow stockings.. Makes me feel happy!! ♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  3. hehe...thanks lovelies!! :) yeah...yellow does define me sometimes doesn't it??


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