OddCandy | Cutesy.

Yeah, I felt verry Japanese-y cute in this outfit..so there I was, thinking of what to wear when bam! I saw it, the lens-less glasses that almost every teen in Macao owns. So fake but soooooo cute! and then another bam! the orange blouse I got in Promod in a sale..everything just went into place. Why harem pants and not a skirt?? because I was going for a shopping fix and I wanted comfort while scouring all the shops in Macao for a single article of clothing (more on that later).

Little did I know that my 'quick' shopping fix would be an all-out hang session with my friends, Eurica and Ivan - Superfriends, and some other people..and we would be food-tripping, running errands and even birthday bowling all in one day. I got home at one - in the morning!! For pictures of our hangout, please check out our superfriends blog here.

I had another photo session with Carla Violet today..will post soon! and this concludes my two day day-off. Tomorrow it's back to work!


Top : Promod
Harem pants : China
Cardigan : Friendly
Flats : Tomato



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