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Hey everyone, March is proving to be a month of 'new' for me. I've finally started my internship..(I'll let you keep guessin' for awhile why I wait for some of the photos ;) and I've just come back from the Philippines, which means my favorite phrase 'NEW CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES!' Ahhhh....I love new stuff...It makes me oddly happy, as I know it does everyone else ;)

Next, these snakeskin flats from Tomato in white :)) I love white. I bought these when I insisted on shopping in heels on my last day (not a good idea). But I'm glad I bought them, I've been searching for a pair like this for a while now :)

Some bling bling for my accessory crave!! I especially love the big necklace! and these cameo earrings...I might start a cameo collection :)) I love severed heads!!!! hahaha :D

And finally:

Oh, there's one thing more that's new, I was inspired by H Rija of My Lyfe; My Story to have a new kind of post, which I will be posting shortly...check her awesome blog here.

 Sandal boots : Parisian
White flats : Tomato
Jewelry : Tiendesitas Bazaar
Brown skirt & green clothes : Landmark Mall
Black tee : Bench Body



  1. thanks for the comment, yes i did make it hahah and thankyou

    loving those shoes :)


  2. Thanks for liking my shoes, and I did really love your bloozy top :))


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