OddCandy 101 : I am an adrenaline junkie

Hey dears, so I have come up with this post - which will be a re-occuring post here on my blog at random times and will henceforth (tee hee) be called : OddCandy 101. It basically means that I will get to tell you some other stuff about me, either related to fashion or not, so, you know, you know more!! Yeah. That's about it.

If anyone wants to do a post like this on their blogs, you can just tell me or give credit :) . If anyone already has this on their blog - I give the credits to youuuuu :))

So, let's start! For my ever first OddCandy 101, I would like everyone to know that I am an adrenaline junkie. Yes, that's right! I lovveeeeeeeeee extreme everything - adventure, thrill, danger! Sometimes I wish I had a job like Indiana Jones' , you know, stuff like that., so I could sate this craving. Well, we all know that Indi's job is sort of impossible to get, so I looked for an alternative, which is why I now work at AJ Hackett, Macao Tower - the company that throws people off the tower with a bungy cord strapped to their ankles! I've been there for two weeks now, and has bungy jumped twice since, and has skyjumped and skywalked at least once - I am in love with the internship.

Don't believe me?? I've got photos ;)

BUNGY frontwards

BUNGY Backwards

With Jools, really cool girl and verry fashion-savvy!

The Jump Deck crew, all so much taller than me!!

Damn, this was soooo scary. The Jump Master held on to my harness for about ten seconds...I was literally dangling on the edge!! swear!

Hmm, not the best facial ever.


Haii...I feel so lucky to work at AJ! It's not perfect, but I wouldn't have chosen any other place - well, maybe except the Chamber of secrets or something...kidding! kidding!

That's it, lovely readers! A little info about me~~~
xx kisses xx

- Che




  1. hehe..not yet for skydiving :) it's bungy-jumping for now!! thanks, though! I do feel lucky!

  2. OH-MY-GOD....I can´t believe....O_O
    you are very brave

  3. Wow I want to try this too.
    U R brave girl :)


  4. At last Chezka!! So happy for you!! Arrgh!! This somehow gives me chills.. Hahaha :))


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  5. Love this post. Lucky.

    with love,


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