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I think I already mentioned in another post that Carls and I were gonna be shooting some pics for our respective blogs...now here it is!

This particular shoot was not that intense, as Carla had classes afterwards. We did not bring a lot of outfits this time - just one for her and two for me (I had my day-off). Anyways, this first outfit revolved around my new skirt which I thrifted in the Philippines while I was there. Honestly, I have never worn so much brown in one outfit! And it worked! Who says we can't wear too matchy matchy stuff anyway??

So, more info about the skirt; I saw, I bought, I loved?? Well there's not much to say anyway, except that I should've bought more!!! We took the photos in a quiet street behind this big library...Carla has posed here before. It's my first time, though.

Oh yeah, this cardigan I'm wearing used to be a blouse...I just snipped, snipped, snipped and voila! I like it this way of course!

I have one more look to post, so till then!
xx Kisses xx

Skirt : thrifted
Cardigan : Carla's shop (used to be a top)
Wedges : Sunstar
Bag : thrifted (and the studs I put on myself)



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