OddCandy | Kilt??

This skirt of mine has a looonnnngggg history...it's not at all new, but newly altered...again. It started out as a tunicky thing with a grey top attached to it and a bubble hemline, and honestly, I don't really know why I bought it as it was quite unflattering, but then again, it was dirt cheap. I already altered it once, and that was to eliminate the crazy bubble hemline that ended just above my leg (not even dress-length) and that improved it a bit, but now, I've cut the grey part as well, and it's a beautiful, wearable skirt!!! Yay!! Happy Candy...

Also, I haven't worn these booties in a while. They're one of my favorite shoes!! So that's it! My new skirt and my fave shoes...very uncreative outfit for now, but stay tuned for more! You will definitely see this skirt more in the future :)) Bye lovelies!! Happy Blogging!

- Che -

Blazer : Suzuya
Skirt : thrifted and altered
Shoes : Red Market
Rings : my own shop
Necklace : Kira Plasticina
Watch : Fossil



  1. Hey there! came from IFB.
    Love your style and followin' ya!

  2. Love the location!! very cool! and those boots, fantastic!! Im following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!




  3. Love your outfit!
    Neat post & I have tagged you to do the Handwriting challenge for more information check out my blog @

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  4. Thanks guys...I appreciate the love, especially since I cut this old skirt myself :)))

    - Che -


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