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I think I brought the want of a mommy hand-me-down a little too seriously. After only a few days and not so much digging as of casually going through her closet I saw it : a green blazer with pretty gold buttons. I know for a fact that my mom has had this for a verry long time, and for some reason she does not wear it anymore. So, I sweetly asked her for it and now it is mine! I call it Mossy.

Yesterday was my first holiday from my internship (still not telling; no pics yet ;) and since I've been feeling that I don't see any of my family anymore...I asked Kate (sis#1) to walk around Leal Senado Square with me and take some photos. We ended up on this old street that I've always liked (I like old places, with their antiquity and quaintness) and took pics of me and mossy :))

Unfortunately, my sis was not in the mood for photos herself so there are no pics of her here, but I'll try again next time. Kate has wonderful style and I am just itching for her to allow me to post some of her outfit pics.

Anyways...The sequined jumper is a thrift find of mine; I am verry proud of it, just 20 MOP! I gave it to my mom though, but I still get to borrow it sometimes. I love sparkles :)))

Kate says I can't pose, which is probably true. She had to literally put me into position and got constantly annoyed by my stupid facials (see photos above) which I kept changing every few seconds after countdown...I have to reaaaaallllllyyy practise this!

The whole outfit ended with my basket wedges worn over grey patterned tights because it is still cold...some people are saying it will last through early May...but i'm hoping for the best, I want to go swimming already!!

Whew...this was a long post...but I loved almost all of the photos so I posted them all :)) I had one more look yesterday, which was what I wore to lunch but I can't find my USB for my phone's cam. I'll try to post it soon!

Bye lovelies!


Blazer : mom
Jumper : thrifted
Shorts : No Boundaries (surplus shop)
Tights : HK
Wedges : Parisian




  1. cute love this whole outfit!!! the owl necklace is so cute and the green blazer is just perf!

    <3 steffy

  2. nice outfit! :)
    I follow you...follow me back please!

  3. ouch! is true! hehehhe sorry! I am very clueless!
    thanx!!! :)))


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