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[Photos by: Leon Li]

Home Facial by Mobile Beauty HK (FB: Mobile Beauty Hong Kong & Macau)

Just a quick update for today...whew, and I'm totally fresh-faced. I think that's something I've never shown on this blog before. I've never had a facial in my whole life, ever, so when Winnie from Mobile Beauty HK and Macau contacted me to have a home-visit facial, well, let's just say I glommed onto it. Leon was skeptical, but I believed her right away. What did I have to lose, right?

Anyways, it was pretty comfortable. Just being at my house, in my bed, was total bliss. Winnie whipped out the diffuser, added on the oils and creams, and told me to relax - and relax I did, but maybe I'm not really the type of person to fall asleep.. She used mostly Nu Skin products, which, from the prices she told me, made so much sense to buy, since they worked so well. I'm actually planning on buying my own diffuser now, I want my house to smell like Jasmine and Roses all the time!  Hehe... my pores felt tighter and my skin was clearer after that. Winnie made me feel very relaxed. All in all it was an amazing experience.

To my readers from Macau and Hong Kong, I have a proposition for you. Do you want your own home-visit facial? Mobile Beauty HK & Macau is offering me a friends' discount for every facial booked through me. Just mention reading about this post on my blog when making a booking to receive the discount! Hehehe, good deal right?



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    1. Hi Nashia, that's super great to know! You can let me know when you want it, so you can have a great discount! Thanks for your comment =)

  2. That's so cool that she comes to you! It makes the whole experience even more relaxing :D


  3. Sounds lovely. I haven't had a facial because I'm a bit awkward with that stuff but I'm glad you had a good experience.


  4. I love every type of massage, especially relaxing Thai style :)


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