Umegashima Diaries

I'M WEARING>> Jacket and necklace: H&M// Top: Girls on Film// Culottes: Gu// Sunnies: Bershka// Booties: Monki// Bag: Zara

Wow, I completely spaced out on these photos. My Japan trip seemed so long ago, and this was probably the most interesting part of my trip, but for some reason, I forgot I even had these. 

Anyways, as I said above, we didn't know where to go between Kyoto and Tokyo, so last minute decided we would go see Mt. Fuji, and the best vantage point for that seemed to be in Shizuoka - home to the Fuji viewing point and enormous outlet mall, Gotemba. Oh and we decided to drive around that area, instead of just another train/bus/MRT line thing.

Was it worth it? Yes and no. It rained in Shizuoka the day we were headed to Gotemba, so we never got to see Mt. Fuji. We booked our rooms through the Japanese room booking site, Rakuten, where I saw this cute, little local place somewhere up in the Umegashima mountains, called Baikunro. It was a bath house, and so worth it. The owners were a cute, old Japanese couple who spoke little English, and they were so concerned about us that they would call us, when we were out during the two days we stayed there, to ask if were going to have dinner with them. The food was fresh and homemade, and prepared daily. The path to the bath house was a dark mountain road, with little to no lights, and very scary. But all in all it was one of those experiences you get to cherish. Mostly because this is very seldom done by tourists, and something very unique to us as travellers. I asked the couple if they got many foreigners, and all they told us was that the last foreigner came two years prior.

Oh and on our way to Gotemba, we stopped over when we saw this tiny little shop that just happened to catch our eye because of its name "Mayonnaise". Turns out it was an amazing Americana vintage clothing store in the middle of nowhere, with vintage denim at affordable prices! I mean, what? Yeah, we went a little crazy denim shopping there.

Who knows when we could go again? 



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