Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend

I'M WEARING>> Duster: Asos// Top: Girls on Film// Culottes: local store// Boots: Forever 21// Bag: H&M// Sunnies: Yuyuan Market, Shanghai

Oh darlings, it's been so long. Trust me, I tried. But it just wasn't working these past couple of days - the weather, my outfit rut, everything. Nothing worked. This was the longest work week of my life. I could not wait for the weekend to come. I was in the mood for a big Hong Kong shopping spree and I decided I would tag my sisters along for the ride. 

Well, we never got around to shopping anything, except maybe one piece for me. But we did get one hell of a Saturday - bad stomachs, bad moods, enough blisters on my feet to make me limp for the next couple of days, and so much fun. Just your typical weekend, I guess. Haha. 

It was nice to see the sun finally, even if he was feeling a little shy. 

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your weekend, sweeties! I'll see you soon.



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