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I'M WEARING>> Body: c/o Newchic// Skirt and Coat: Asos// Boots: Forever 21// Bag: Zara

I was scrolling through Newchic, not really finding that "special" piece. Then I saw this body. I've always wanted one, but I guess you can see from the pictures - I'm not exactly the body-type this kind of piece was made for. I couldn't get it out of my mind tho. In the end, nothing else was registering to me, so I gave in. You would not believe my delight when it came and I realizd that it fit beautifully - exactly how I wanted it to fit! Oh and if you were wondering about how to go to the washroom in this - let's just say it's like a romper in that respect.

Anyway, I am physically trying to get myself out of my rut again. My first thought for this body was to dress it down, of course, with jeans, my leather jacket, and flats, but that's how all my outfits have been going lately - though I can do that next time right? So I literally moved my hands to this 60's style geoprint skirt and camel coat instead, dressing up the body. I think it looked fine. Not so out there as I thought it would be.

Sunday went by so fast. It came, I shopped, then it was gone. The sun never showed up again, and my cold came back. But I do have some pretty good pieces shopped at amazingly cheap prices for the next couple of days, but for today, goodnight... my eyes are drooping off as I write.

Chinese New Year is coming soon, and maybe I can get some festive pictures up on this blog for the year of the Monkey. You never know...till next time!



  1. I wouldn't mind if you had paired the body with some jeans, a leather jacket and black boots, I think it would have looked really nice as well. But I really like this combination as well! The body is soooo pretty and suits you really good! You look amazing :)
    Have a nice day ♥

  2. It's amazing how everything looks so stunning on you!

  3. Me when I saw this post: "DAAAAAAAAMN."
    Lol, seriously, great choice with the bodysuit! I've actually always been curious to try this trend as well and had the opportunity to try one...but then I chickened out. -_- Really regretting it now! Next time though...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. Ohh too bad, hehe,'s always gonna be there =) Thanks Linda!

  4. Ohhhh love this look, very very sexy! You look wonderful!
    I´ll be waiting for Chinese New Year =)
    Kiss kiss
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