Spring Cleaning

I'M WEARING>> Coat and sunnies: Stradivarius// Sweater: Uniqlo// Culottes: Gu// Boots: Monki// Bag: Zara

When I was just starting out high school, I was a chubby girl with frizzy hair and no sense of style whatsoever (yep, late bloomer right here). But one of the things I remember quite fondly was my signature necklace. Everyone had a signature necklace in high school. For others it was the thin gold chain with their name, a charm, etc. But I just fell so completely head over heels with the main character in my favorite movie that time - The Legend of Zorro, haha. I remembered Catherine Zeta-Jones had that thin, black ribbon around her neck. I so wanted one, so I cut up a leather ribbon, and put a big, fake black opal charm I picked up on the street (the street, people!), and voila! Choker. I wore that thing for three years haha.

I may not have been a fashionable teen, but 14-year old me knew what she was doing. This choker number is the same - it's an I.D. holder I cut and then tied around my neck. Hehe.

Anyways, this is the OOTD. It was raining. I think you would notice from the pictures. But nope. We're not talking about the depressing weather today. Instead, oh yeah, I went spring cleaning in my closet. I haven't done it in a while, but I just could not fathom how I had nothing to wear in the morning, and all those clothes! Guess what, I don't even miss whatever I gave away. And my sisters had a field day! Many of the things I gave away, they found cool and new again, so I know my clothes will be well-loved. Leon and I just got made a custom-built closet. No, it's not walk-in, nor very big, but I got to pick what materials, what kind of storage, the works. Exciting right!? Maybe then I can show you some pictures of Le Casa Li =) Tee hee. As always, tell me your thoughts! See you!



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