90's Bombshell

I'M WEARING>> Jacket: Vintage// Top: Cotton On// Skirt: Missguided// Shoes: Adidas// Bag: Zara

Nope, I'm no bombshell, but that's what never ceases to amuse me with fashion - you can be whoever you want whenever you want. Am I right, or am I right? 

Anyways, I'm not proud of it, but on this day, I had a breakdown. Haha. I left my denim jacket in China, at Leon's hometown, and I had this whole other outfit planned for this pretty skirt. But, in the end, you just suck it in, and it did ultimately brought you this outfit - which I do find amazingly cool! This vintage leather jacket is just amazing. Maybe next time I can show you my original outfit, hehe.

Do you like my 90's bombshell look? Sound off in the comments below! Till next time.



  1. Love this bombshell outfit! Most people would go for such a body-con silhouette for nighttime events, but you've proven that it can totally be worn and incorporated into a casual daytime outfit!
    I look forward to seeing how this outfit looks with that denim jacket, when you have a change to get a hold of it :)

    Sampada | Sampz and Such

  2. We all have breakdowns--I would not feel ashamed! Especially when you look this cute! Love the skirt!

  3. 'with fashion - you can be whoever you want whenever you want' - This just makes my day. You look adorable girl. I always enjoy reading your posts :)

    xoxo Eva | www.evakindles.com

  4. oooo girl workkkk ittttt. this is an outfit i'd totally wear - esp since i wear my adidas to death. i love mixing skirts with sneakers and i love your choker!



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