Shirt: Me & George Vintage// Skirt: local store// Shoes: New Look// Bag: Nessa// Sunnies: Bershka// Chain: Stradivarius


Can you say lazy? Why yes please. The summer fatigue is starting to get to me, I really don't like the hot weather. Anyways, for today I chose an outfit consisting of nothing more than a button-down and flimsy skirt. Skinny wedge heels. Not much in terms of accessories as well, which is why my sunnies had to stand in as a necklace, and my necklace had to stand in as a bracelet. No I don't understand why I did it either...not really.

I am just dead-tired. My AM shift really threw me off-balance. It's usually one of the best shifts, but with the week I've been having...whew...three to four hours a day for sleep (if I'm lucky). Not that it isn't self-inflicted too, of course. I've been having a sort of resurgence in my social life nowadays. Parties, meet-ups, those rare coffee and secret-spilling moments with friends I haven't seen in a lifetime. Just this last Monday night, I was with my dear Carla in MJ Cafe, celebrating life with cider and wine, and darts - a game I still don't really get. What did I tell you? We can have it all, just not enough sleep. Damn, I bet you can see my eye bags from space.

I'm all set for even more gatherings for the next weeks. Not to mention a movie or two. Have you gals watched 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' yet? Have you watched the first one? If you have the time, do it! Watch both - the movie was intense, to say the least. Definitely worth a view - take it from me =)

See you soon,

- Che


Top: H&M Divided// Blazer: New Look// Shorts: Forever 21// Shoes: Steve Madden// Bag: Nessa// Chain: Stradivarius


There are some outfits that make me feel like a rockstar (to myself, of course). This is one such outfit - which is funny, since it's actually a very nautical, preppy-like outfit and not actually very edgy, rockstar cool.

I guess because it's very much my comfort zone - nautical white and navy, burgundy red, and my usual streetstyle duds. I finally found a use for these burgundy booties - well, thank gosh I finally found them to begin with. Also in this outfit, an amazingly luxe, textured white blazer I got in SG. I saw it, thought against buying it, then changed my mind and went back for it the next day. Now I have three white outerwears - two of which you have now seen ;) Yea, I'm gonna be the snow queen.

I love the uber-retro cool look nowadays. Odes to the 60's mod for the day. Tee hee. So, life-wise, I think I'm gonna pass out soon. I'm finally realizing why some people can have it all - it's because they don't sleep much. Hehe...but things are getting underway, slowly, super slowly. Sigh. That's really all I can say for now because I want everything to be perfect when I show you.

So, see you soon?

- Che


Top: Zara// Jeans: Forever 21// Shoes: Natasha// Bag: Nessa// Bangle: Nine West// Earrings: borroowed from sister


A short post for today while I figure out my busy schedule for these next few weeks - well, months, actually. Life has, needless to say, been way over my head. But I love that we can still have time for old friends. I had the greatest pleasure recently to meet one of my oldest friends (I call him cousin) after this shoot. And since he just came back after all this time, of course we put the whole gang back together, like a mini reunion. Of course I decided to change into more comfortable Birkenstocks.

Anyways, my outfit of the day made me feel like a princess. Granted I was in boyfriend jeans, but still. I finally found the perfect peplum top at Zara. It was made for pastel princess moments I tell you ;) Oh and skinny heels. As always when I set my sights on something, I end up with more than one piece. Yep, these shoes are so similar yet a completely different pair from the ones in my last post, but the gold detailing makes all the difference in the world.

Whew...I have to get up tomorrow at 04.30a.m so I have to get some sleep, so see you soon?

- Che