Nighttime Outfit - Romper and Necklace: Forever 21// Bag: Monki// Shoes: Pull & Bear// Lipstick: Kate Moss for Rimmel (No.1)


Thailand. I don't think I specified enough just how much I loved this country. It's not just the food, or the immense number of places you can go to, but also the nice people. The mere 24 hours we spent was definitely not enough.

Bangkok is one of those rare 'cities' you should visit. You know how, in most countries, you're not really interested in seeing the city area. You most likely wanna go directly to the beach and get the vacation started. Bangkok is not one of those cities. It's a culture shock every time, and a great starting point to any trip in Thailand. We got up early in the morning and, with our itinerary, went about seeing Wat Phra Kaew (Grand Palace). Upon getting there, we were told that it wouldn't open for another hour and a half, and the security very kindly called us a tuktuk to take us to the pier to go boating (which was not on our itinerary). After the awesome ride, which included seeing local life along the river and purchasing some things with the floating market sellers, we headed back to Grand Palace - only to be told by another kind man that it actually wouldn't be available to public until two hours more. And so he called us another tuktuk to take us to some other temples around the city - all cheap and free I might add, and haggled with the driver for us. Two hours only cost us 150THB, which is amazing!

We never did get to Grand Palace...hahaha...something for next time, I suppose. After that we chilled back at our hotel, W Bangkok, and only went out again to specifically visit one of the sets of the Hangover 2 - Lebua Tower, Sirocco Bar. My advice? The view is a definite must-see. I suggest coming earlier, so you could have a better seat, oh and the drinks are expensive, so get one, take pics, and then go - unless of course you have the budget then by all means it is an effing great view for cocktails!

Finally, the night ended at Calypso Cabaret, where we saw beautiful lady boys lip-synching and copying everyone from Beyonce to Marilyn Monroe. 

Sigh, I am in vacation withdrawal again. It was so sad to go, but I have so much more pictures! So I'll see you soon



Top, Necklace & Trousers: Forever 21// Bag: Monki// Sandals: Birkenstock// Sunnies: Bershka


Hi lovelies, to say I missed you is an understatement! But with the schedule I have it's been hard finding time to fix my pictures Sigh...Thailand though...still as warm and beautiful as I remembered. It is one of those perfect getaway destinations you should see for yourself at least once in your life. This will be my third time (and I still find something new each time) - but my first time with Leon.

So, Bangkok...On the first day we headed out with a full itinerary in hand, but ended up not using any of it. Instead the day went spontaneously. This temple, Wat Indraviharn, also known as the Giant Buddha temple, was not somewhere we planned but oh so worth it because...just look at that detailing on the temple walls. And it was gigantic. We got to this point by tuktuk that someone helped us get after taking a boat ride we did not plan to go on. I'll specify in my next post. Thai people are super nice and so effing helpful.

Outfit-wise, an easy, fun mix of these peach trousers and my teeny, tiny crop top. Birkenstocks that are comfortable enough to walk around in, and a small bag for the bare essentials. Lazy summer at its best.

I will try to post in a timely manner for my next post. But if you miss me, you can always find me on Instagram (@styleche). I think I've gone a little batshit crazy taking pictures hehehe...but so much to show you. Expect a travel diary soon! 

See you,

- Che


On Me: Dress: Bluebell// On Leon: Suit: D'Urban


Here's a short update from me sweeties! Sorry, I haven't posted in a while, but that's not because I don't want to, It's because I'm running myself into the ground with busy-ness. Our mini-wedding was yesterday, and I thought you gals deserved a sneak peek at my dress. Yep, it's pink! I just didn't want a usual white dress, I suppose. It was going to be blue, but oh well.

Right now, I'm on the way to China, for a dinner hosted by his family, and then it's go go go to Thailand! I still can't believe I call Leon husband now. Weird but oh so good!

I'll give you more updates soon! See you

- Che