Top: Asos// Skirt: Zalora// Hat: Forever 21// Blazer: Pull & Bear// Bag: Stradivarius// Necklace: Topshop// Boots: Monki


A tiny, little post today babes. Macau's weather has been worse than dismal, and photos have been impossible. For today I just scraped the more decent photos of my last shoot to show you. Yep, my increasingly usual black and white combinations, and a pretty little boater hat. I bought it for when the real summer starts, which is anyyyytime now...soon enough. Someday in the distant future when the rain stops and everything is okay with the world again. Anyways, this time all I have is work, and a lot of days in wishing the rain would stop.

So see you soon? Do you like my boater hat?

- Che

Sibling Talk

Well, I just cleaned  my PC during this gloomy, dark weekend, and guess what I found? A rare good shot of me and my three sisters last year. Most of our pictures are selfies or have one person missing. So imagine my delight when I found this in my PC. And so today, all of a sudden, I wanna talk siblings.

I am blessed to have the kind of relationship I have with my sisters. We are too close, as if there's such a thing as 'too close' right? We know each other's secrets, hopes and fears, even unspoken thoughts. My closet is basically a free-for-all for them. We made a pact back when I was in highschool to never hide who farted when we were in the same room. Yes. A fart pact. We have insulting nicknames for each other that would be so unacceptable if someone else said it. And we have a rocking good time all the time. You should see our facebook feed exchanges with each other.

Do I ever wish I was an only child? Hmm...sometimes yes, because we do have our moments. But really, most of the time, no. What I lacked in material things and ease growing up I got in laughs and fun times. Everyday I wake up and I'm happy they exist anyway. I'm never alone, or lonely. All I have to do is call one of them to keep me company. I'm never sad, because they're there to talk to. Oh and I have the best support system in the world! Between my parents and them, I have a cheerleading squad who will always cheer my successes and hold my hand when I fall. Yes, what I'm saying is, these girls are basically my life. Hahahaha...oh I hope they don't read this though. If this post gets deleted, you know why.

So do you have siblings? Annoying, irritating, fun, loving siblings? As always, let me know!

- Che

Colour Blocking

Top, heels and sunnies: H&M// Coat and shorts: Asos// Bag and Necklace: Stradivarius


Yep, I guess now you know where I get most of my basics from. I have a whole closet dedicated to these fast fashion brands, and nope, I'm not sorry. Of course I try to get some special pieces too, once in a while. But till these brands stop being accessible, not pricey and of course, filled with amazing pieces, I can live off fast fashion indefinitely.

My latest outfit is a nod to the color block trend, which, judging from all the 70's prints circling around nowadays, I guess have fallen out of fashion. But there are few ways more effective than color blocking to draw attention to your outfit. Today I paired up blue, orange, tan, white and black, with the only print coming from my tortoise shell frames, and the crochet texture of the shorts. Since work is more smart casual than formal, this was somewhat acceptable for a day at the office. We took the pictures around the man-made lake in Macau. Remember my comment about a grown-up purchase me and Leon were finally planning on buying? Yep, it's a car. It's secondhand I bought off a good friend, but it does its job, which is to enable us to drive around from our very far home to the city. Groceries, going to work, and yep, even blogging has become easier. And maybe now I'll get to show you more of my little city. I think the trunk would make a great mini wardrobe, tee hee, shhh...don't tell my husband!

So what do you think? To color block or not to color block? What colors would you pair together? See you soon,

- Che