Fringe Benefits

Boots: c/o Banggood// Coat: H&M// Jeans: Asos//  Bag: Embellish// Necklace: c/o Topps Collection// Sunnies: Stradivarius


Just a quick update today darlings. The week has been nothing but work lately, but I have made progress on my next destination - coming soon! Another update is Macao's weather. Finally after months, it turned to actual fall today. Like beautiful sunshine and a soft chill. Perfection. I was going to be the perfect epitome of fall, but... I woke up late, hahahaha!

I've wanted to show you these boots in action for a while now, but the weather has been dismal. They are so on-point with the fringe and the suede - like a little surprise at the back each time! I am so in love right now =) Anyways, I'm keeping this short for today, but I will see you really, really soon!

All Basics All the Time

Top: Miss Selfridge// Culottes: local store// Boots: Monki// Cuff: Nine West// Bag: Zara


On the weekends, I am usually faced with one outfit dilemma - the fact that this is the only time of the week I could go all out on my outfit, but at the same time the time where I want to be as comfortable and as chill as possible. Well, as you could probably tell, comfort once again won this week.

I have this irritating affinity for striped shirts. I have dozens in my closet, and around 3-4 shirts I've had to give away for more space in my closet, usually for more striped shirts, tee hee. I think this is a keeper though, don't you think? This time it's Miss Selfridge and cropped. I'm going to be wearing this for a long time. I paired it with equally lined culottes, and boots, and...well, yeah that's it. It was good enough for a family weekend, and a shopping date with my sisters. I am so proud of them. I have three sisters, one of which is a budding fashion blogger. But the two youngest? They couldn't care less about how they dress. But that's changing. It's actually the two of them who invited me for a shopping date. They wanted my opinion on what stuff to buy, which is always a great feeling for me, both as a blogger and an older sister. They said that they wanted to look as good as me and my sister. That's the best feeling in the world.

So they went a little off-budget. But for once I am happy enough to pay for it. In the end they got a long bomber coat, ripped jeans and chelsea rain boots! I'm such a happy big sister =)

Anyways, do you like my outfit of the day?

- Che

Hocus Pocus

Top and skirt: Asos// Trench: Spinns (Tokyo)// Shoes: Forever 21// Sunnies: Monki// Necklace: c/o Topps Collection// Bag: Zara


Happy weekend! This is the full outfit from last time. It was a work day, and as usual, we tried to find some time to take photos for the day. This is one of my more demure outfits. I like it, but I'm the type of girl who feels more at home with trousers and loafers, though I have my moments. I really wanted to show off my new hair! Tee hee

December is again soon underway. For the first time in years I am excited for the holidays, since I will be able to spend it with my family and husband without detriment. Ooh Christmas! You all know I love myself some Christmas cheer, and we will be having a lot of cheer this year - I will explain more soon, once everything has been confirmed. Anyways, Macau is still reeling in the heat. No coolness in sight. It's depressing. So I'll see you soon?

- Che