On Me: Dress: Bluebell// On Leon: Suit: D'Urban


Here's a short update from me sweeties! Sorry, I haven't posted in a while, but that's not because I don't want to, It's because I'm running myself into the ground with busy-ness. Our mini-wedding was yesterday, and I thought you gals deserved a sneak peek at my dress. Yep, it's pink! I just didn't want a usual white dress, I suppose. It was going to be blue, but oh well.

Right now, I'm on the way to China, for a dinner hosted by his family, and then it's go go go to Thailand! I still can't believe I call Leon husband now. Weird but oh so good!

I'll give you more updates soon! See you

- Che


Getting Married is no small feat. There's so much to worry about, one of which is 'How should I look?' And so, when Lover.ly asked me to create three wedding looks for certain wedding settings...well, how could I say no? It sounded like fun! The themes are City Glam, Beach Affair, and Rustic Chic. Check out my iterations of these themes below:


City Glam Wedding

For the City Glam look, the Alice Temperley gown was my inspiration. It's so beautiful and the detailing is amazing. It also was a little 1920's in New York style for me. I paired it with a short face-framing veil so nothing hides the detailing on the dress. The D'Orsay bow heels keep it fresh and modernlike. And of course, a sexy, floral scent. I know we're not supposed to choose our engagement rings, but I can't help but think this square-cut diamond would be a perfect match for the look, modern and beautiful.


Rustic Charm

For this look, the photo is of the woods, which made me think fairytales! So this ethereal, lacy creation...like a fairy princess dress, matched with an equally fairy-like veil. Imagine this at sunset, floating in the woods.

For the feet, these beautiful satin pumps in pale pink that matches the dress' bow. Also, pale pink nail polish. Finally, a yellow cushion diamond ring that sparkles in the setting sun. 


Beach Lovely

Finally, here is my Beach Affair look, which is what my wedding dreams are made of. I saw it immediately, something less formal and more laid-back. This beautiful tulle dress in blue grey was so perfect I think I'm finding something like it. Glowing, tan skin will look great on the beach. No veil for this look, I was thinking more of a crystal headband on beachy waves. Since walking in heels would look stupid walking down on the sandy ground, these Jimmy Choo shiny wedges would do just fine, and aren't they lovely? Finally, the ring I chose is this diamond-encrusted band. Who said engagement rings always have to have one diamond anyways?

So, here are my ideas. Sigh...my wedding is in the city right now, but I am so going for Beach Affair next time. How about you? What would you choose? And is there anything you would add?

Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you!

- Che


Top and Sunnies: Stradivarius// Skirt: MDS// Booties: Belle// Bag: Nessa// Necklace: c/o Jewelry Coco


I don't know what happens come September. One minute I'm still in the mood for teeny tiny crops and shorts, and then poof... I'm dreaming of jackets, turtlenecks and fall in general again. So, I've come with the perfect transition piece that will not feel so....hottt...a thin, tissue-like turtleneck top, and my cutout booties. With summer-appropriate nautical stripes and sunnies of course, because technically, it's still summer and hot enough to cook using solar energy. Haha...I know...lame joke. Ooh and this uber-cute shot of color with this cool necklace. So pretty!

I don't know how to finish all my list of things to do on such little time anymore. I have a ton everyday and only a few hours a day to do it. Oh my gosh, I wish I could invite you all =) Bachelorette party is tomorrow..hahahaha..let's see if we can get some shots of that. Tee hee. Anyways, who else is as excited for 'real' autumn as I am?

See you soon,

- Che