In The Navy

Top: c/o Zalora// Coat: H&M// Skirt: Bershka// Necklace and Watch: Asos// Boots: Stradivarius


You could never go wrong with a peplum top. Thin, thick, short, tall - a peplum just works. It gives you a great waist silhouette. I couldn't help it with this handkerchief hem peplum top when I found it. The fact that it's sleeveless but a rich navy color makes it perfect for both cold and warm weathers so it means you will see this top a lot. When I got it and it fit like a dream, suddenly it just popped up in my mind that I would pair it with one of my fave skirts - the palm print skirt, another piece I've worn a lot of times.

I wore it to a little lunch date with my hubby and then furniture shopping with my mom, dad, and sister. Who knew furniture shopping was so satisfying? I guess it's because it's going to my own home, or maybe I just really enjoy shopping in all its forms - including shopping for a new vacuum and kettle ;) We ended the night with coffee at Starbucks. My baby sis wanted to go to Subway for a change, but my dad is exactly like me - we think that many things are too expensive except for when it's a cup of coffee. Coffee won - I agreed with him too, hehe.

Anyways, do you love peplum tops as much as I do? Discuss!

- Che

Wear - Rinse - Repeat

Top: Motel

In a perfect world, we will wake up each morning and find that new, designer, one-of-a-kind pieces have been left outside our door. But since it is not perfect, I know I am not alone when I say that because of some factors (no closet space, no income, etc.), I would have to utilize my closet for more wearability - which means repeating pieces in my closet more than once. I know there are some people that assume that as a blogger, we should never re-wear a piece of clothing. That is simply not true - it's just not economical, and it takes out the fun of wearing clothes. I love discovering new ways of wearing old pieces.

So today, I will give you some advice on how to maximize wearability of your closet. This includes what to focus on purchasing, what to keep, and some ideas to avoid repetitiveness. Enjoy, loves! And if I miss anything, please tell me in the comments below.

1. Focus on your BASICS.

I don't know how much I could stress this point. Case in point above - the button down shirt I've worn countless times above, and will wear many times more. Basics are like the blank canvases in your closet, they exist to make your statement pieces pop. Yes, these are the most tedious pieces to buy - I mean, who goes shopping for a white tee, right? But they are your closet lifesavers. They are almost invisible and infinitely stylish, which means you will be able to wear, and re-wear them for seasons to come. I once had a closet of mostly statement pieces - and let me tell you, it was almost impossible to mix and match. Then I studied one of my fave bloggers and realized the reason she could wear glitter, zany prints and bright colors is because she had the perfect basics to match.

Some basics include a white tee, a button down, dark jeans, ankle boots, and the ever-stylish leather jacket.

So let me put it this way - if you wear all statement pieces, you may end up looking like a runaway clown. But wear all basics? And your still chic. Like, Audrey Hepburn chic.

2. Do the 'THREE-OUTFIT+' rule when purchasing anything.

Okay so you have your basics pat down. Now you want to go out and get some new pieces for your ever-growing wardrobe. How does one choose statement pieces that can be worn more than once? The key is to buy smart. Before I purchase anything, I play a little game in my head - how many outfits can I come up with right now without looking like a crazy person standing here? Be honest. Do not pair it with pieces you don't have in your closet yet. If you only come up with one or two, I would suggest putting it down (unless you want it, of course!). It usually means that the piece doesn't work with your closet. And if you have to rework your entire wardrobe just to accommodate it, then it's not worth it. If you get three, or even better more than three, then you might just have a win on your hands. The polkadot crop top above, for instance, is not a basic. But I have worn it throughout the four seasons. That's because it complemented my closet well. When I bought it I thought of five outfits in 10 minutes.

Other things I've bought using the rule - the coral trousers (3) and the palm print skirt (4).

3. Take the time to MIX AND MATCH.

Go through your closet. See what prints you can put together, what shoes you can wear with what outfit, how you can come up with a new look based on your existing clothes. You will realize just how much of your closet you could actually use. Fall and winter is the best time to experiment. Try a crop top over a button-down shirt, skirt over pants, leopard with plaid, pencil skirts with sneakers. The possibilities are endless here. For example, when I bought the matching set above, I was only interested in wearing the pieces together, but actually, they can be worn so many different ways apart. 

If you have any other suggestion, let me know in the comments!

See you soon,

- Che

London Classics

Trench: Stradivarius// Shirt: Uniqlo// Leather shorts and scarf: local stores// Bag: Zara// Shoes: Edge c/o Zalora


Every time I think about the quintessential Brit pieces, it always goes down to a good, classic trench, oxfords and some plaid. Maybe that's a bit stereotypical, but until I finally travel to London someday, it will always be in my mind. 

So here's my outfit of the day. One of my favorites by far, and yet one of the simplest. I did consider adding a statement piece or two, but the weather was really bad and I had so much errands that I needed something as unfussy as possible. Oh, meet my new platform oxfords. When I was in HK Fashion Week, I got a total of 400HKD in gift coupons for their website.! These shoes were the first to arrive, at 10a.m last Thursday. It was a pleasant surprise that made my morning. I fell in love with the original Stella McCartney platforms a few months back but in a million years I would not be able to afford those, so here's something similar, though it doesn't have the wooden layer. 

They are so wearable and cool, and comfy. But they scuff my heel - why do leather shoes have to hurt so much when they're new? Why do we have to go through hell before that day when they finally fit beautifully? Sigh. Anyways, I'll see you soon!

- Che