Festival Ready

Jacket and watch: Asos// Playsuit, hat, heels: Forever 21// Bag: Zara


My first weekend played out pretty well. It was all R&R, peace, and catching up on my TV. I devour so many shows I think I've lost track. I just finished Marvel's Daredevil (see, told you, mega fan) and then went on to a kitschy little show by the name of iZombie - which is super fun by the way.

My outfits when I did go out consisted of comfortable pieces, like this jumpsuit. It really is one of those pieces you just put and go. I paired it with my most "Coachella-esque" jacket ever, a red topper, and since I'm not really going to a music fest (boo hoo), heels. It looked intricate enough, but actually I was pretty comfy. I should probably get myself a few more playsuits, hmmmm...but it's back to work again now. A lot more fun stuff happening in my life right now, one at a time. There's a birthday coming soon, a new "grown-up" purchase Leon and I finally made, and maybe an event or two coming up in the next couple of days. And of course there's Mother's Day. I have given my mom flowers and chocolates for as long as I can remember without fail, and I don't expect to fail this time. My mind is at peace with the universe.

So would you wear a playsuit? Discuss!

- Che

How to Rock the Ugly Sandal Trend

Summer is upon us. Quite quickly in fact. Tomorrow is already May 1st, what we people in Macau consider the official start of summer. Jackets come off, pools open, and the days suddenly seem brighter and longer. Sandals also become a major part of outfits again. While gladiators are quickly becoming the go-to sandals, Birkenstocks, slides and Tevas are still very much summer staples. I know a lot of you, though, are still on the fence. So here are a few tips on how to wear these divisive shoes:


My personal favorite way of wearing my Birks are with trousers. I always have this feeling that wearing them with shorts or skirts seem a tad too casual, but wear them with trousers and it's a good balance. Trousers have a way of looking dressy the way skirts/shorts cannot. Cuff them at the ankle to show off your shoes.


Honestly I was not a big fan of Teva sandals, but after these two bloggers rocked it hard on their respective blogs, now I'm like...hmmmm...interesting. But it's not the tevas, it's how they rock it.

The thing about these ugly shoes is that they make outfits a little more casual and at the same time a lot more interesting. Because they are that left-field choice you make. So why don't you try dressing up in your usual chic way up top, and then instead of finishing the look with your trusty pumps and ballerinas, reach for this pair? You'll never know, you might like it. It'll be all the difference you need.


Of course you don't have to go all out. Birks are actually great for those days when you just can't even. Maybe that's why I didn't post a lot of outfits with my beloved pair. But if you are going for lazy chic, do try to consider your outfit. Because the line between chic and just lazy is very thin. Maybe you're feeling ripped and hemmed denim, that's awesome, but then pair it with chic pieces like a breton shirt, peplum, or when it's a bit colder, a moto jacket. 

So, would you consider sandals that are considered ugly? Discuss.

- Che

Black Widow

Blazer: Pull & Bear// Crop top: Cotton On// Jeans: Forever 21// Boots: Monki// Bag: Zalora// Necklace: Topshop// Watch: Asos


Let me start by saying - Avengers 2: Age of Ultron! I've been so busy these last couple of days trying to properly divide my time between work and home that I totally forgot to book our tickets to watch the movie. Fortunately, my husband is amazing. He surprised me with movie tickets bought a week ago. The superhero comic book/movie nerd in me whooped!

I've always planned to dress up for the occasion, but on the day, something overcame me - laziness. Tee hee. It was hot and I really didn't want anything sticky, or uncomfortable or whatnot. Ugh. It's my day-off, I want to be comfortable. But hey - I think I channeled Black Widow, right? You're probably thinking 'Woah! Isn't that top a little too revealing?' And I'd probably agree with you. But, I guess I've never been one to shy away from cuts like this just because it fits me differently. I used to, of course, when I was younger, but throughout the years I've learned not to bother myself with what other people would think. If a model or a really waifish lady wore a top like this, I know it would be less vulgar because there won't be much boobage showing, but damn, if they can wear it, I can wear it. Hahahahaa...but that's just me.

So, who has watched Avengers 2? Give me a holler and we'll discuss in private hahaha. Oh and do you like my all black look?

- Che