Top: Zara// Jeans: Forever 21// Shoes: Natasha// Bag: Nessa// Bangle: Nine West// Earrings: borroowed from sister


A short post for today while I figure out my busy schedule for these next few weeks - well, months, actually. Life has, needless to say, been way over my head. But I love that we can still have time for old friends. I had the greatest pleasure recently to meet one of my oldest friends (I call him cousin) after this shoot. And since he just came back after all this time, of course we put the whole gang back together, like a mini reunion. Of course I decided to change into more comfortable Birkenstocks.

Anyways, my outfit of the day made me feel like a princess. Granted I was in boyfriend jeans, but still. I finally found the perfect peplum top at Zara. It was made for pastel princess moments I tell you ;) Oh and skinny heels. As always when I set my sights on something, I end up with more than one piece. Yep, these shoes are so similar yet a completely different pair from the ones in my last post, but the gold detailing makes all the difference in the world.

Whew...I have to get up tomorrow at 04.30a.m so I have to get some sleep, so see you soon?

- Che


Top: Motel// Skirt: MDS// Bag: Mango// Shoes: New Look// Chain: Stradivarius// Sunnies: c/o Ana Jeffrey


Whew. Finally...I've been getting really jittery since I didn't have time to get these shots in order, and Fashion Week had already come and gone. Anyways, this was day one (day 2, in fact). Since I was still in SG when the festivities began I couldn't go to the first day. So, of course, I put off my frustrations by taking a quick trip to Forever 21 in Macau for the first time and checking out the awesomeness.

The next day it was go, go, go! Armed with my camera (a tragic story for the next post), I went with Carla for the Phillip Lim x NARS show and the CUSCS show. Outfit-wise, all nautical everything, just like the theme hahaha!

While this Fashion Week was not as big as the previous one, I could say that it was infinitely more fun. I think that was thanks to some new friends we met, and finally feeling like we were in that 'blogger circle' that didn't seem to want two girls from Macao the first time around. And the great thing about most of the shows? They were made by students. Really...sophomores, juniors and seniors from the fashion design schools in HK. Yes, I know, pretty complicated for mostly young people, when most of us couldn't even decide what we wanted to do at that age (like me). It really got me thinking about the choices I made so far, and how much I wish I had just risked it all to do something I loved, instead of choosing practicality and financial security. But, not all regrets, sweeties, I had a rockin' good time, especially the next day, and I made it all in time to get back to Macao for my daddy's birthday like a proper daddy's girl =)

Oh, most of these photos were taken from Josh Tam. He's a fashion photographer so if you want even more photos of the HK fashion scene, drop by his site: Josh Takes Photos.

Thanks again for letting me use the pictures, Josh!

And I'll see you soon darlings,

- Che


Tee: H&M// Shorts: local store// Wedges: Asos// Sunnies: Bershka// Bag: Nessa// Bracelets: Cotton On & Pull and Bear


UNIVERSAL STUDIOSSSSS! This was high on our itinerary for the trip, because come on....I love amusement parks - roller coasters, park foods, and all the eye candy and movie stuff! We visited everything twice for good measure. Too bad the lines got too unbearable halfway through so we couldn't get to ride anymore (I refuse to wait an hour for a raging river ride).

The outfit is the simplest one I could do without going naked. A tissue-thin tee and neoprene shorts. Actually, I was supposed to be in an even tinier seafoam crop top, but before we hit Universal Studios we had a lunch in a local food court and I proceeded to spill Laksa Soup all over it. So we ran to the closest H&M store (Thank you for the Great Singapore Sale) and I got this tee with the cheeky seashells.

After the theme park, we headed down to Siloso Beach for a little R&R after a long day. Just watching the waves roll by and sipping summery Pinacoladas. A great end to our trip. The rest of the day we spent lazing around in our hotel room, followed by walking from the Sheraton where we were staying all the way to Orchard Road to watch Transformers in IMAX. Sigh...Leon needs to visit a cinema everywhere we go, it's like me and my Starbucks addiction. Hehehe

Anyways, I'll see you soon,

- Che