Pop Princess

Top: c/o Snapmade// Jacket: Forever 21// Skirt and watch: Asos// Shoes: Edge// Bag: Zara


Yes, I am owning flat shoes right now. It's getting really hotter, but not hot enough that I couldn't wear my moto jacket over a tee. Macau feels blessed with sunshine nowadays, which is amazing for the blogger in me. I paired my always trusted red moto jacket, my 'Pop' tee, and a pair of flats with an ankle guard a la Alexander Wang. They're red and they're made of a plasticky material which means they can go through all the seasons - I'm so bringing this to my next trip! If you want a custom-made tee of your own, just click the Snapmade link above ^^

I needed to look very casual today, since I was only going out to grab a quick lunch. So no fussy details, and absolutely no heels, because I'm just not in the mood for that when I'm going for a quick Thai lunch.

I was so inspired to keep fit via the 'juicing' trend, which both Carla and one of my fitness nut friends went on, that I start tomorrow with a friend who's just as into keeping fit as I am. We're making our juices at home. Yep, I'm gonna be using my juicer right after posting this. Wish me luck darlings! It does not look easy. Right now I'm on a 24-hour raw food (only fruits and veggies) prep for tomorrow. But I already failed with my Thai lunch. Hey, I ordered a shrimp and green mango salad, but they said none of that was available, so I had half a pad thai instead! =(

Anyways, do you like my red, white and casual look? Let me know in the comments as per usual!

- Che

Hippie Pants

Pants: Me & George Vintage// Jacket and crop top: Forever 21// Bag: Zara// Shoes: Pull & Bear// Beanie: H&M// Earring: local store


I'm not gonna lie, these are the most comfortable trousers I have ever had the pleasure of owning. And out of all my bottoms, one of the coolest. They're like pajamas, only it's not immoral to wear them outdoors. I still can't believe I bought this at an amazingly cheap price in a consignment store. 

Like almost all my other posts, this will start with 'Leon was off'. We hit the gym and then decided we wanted to spend the rest of the day outside our home, maybe eating and going for long walks. No plans were made. Nothing was set in stone. I had even told him that maybe we didn't need to take photos because the day ended young. But we did, and now you have this 'lazy girl' outfit to see today. Just flat shoes, a leather jacket (my standby) and a teeny, tiny crop top. I was going for comfort. We wanted a day as effortless as possible. Once I saw this little part of Macau where these photos were taken, I couldn't resist. It's probably the most scenic, vintage looking area in the place I call home. Colorful Portuguese-era buildings dotted along the Sai Van lake. Almost no cars on the roads. A perfect photographic moment everywhere we looked. We ate at the little restaurant 'Henri's Galley' which had outdoor seating. It was all blissful.

I feel like life stopped for a moment. Nothing mattered. Just Leon, me, the view, Macau. Perfection.

So, do you like my funny pants? Discuss!

- Che

Spring Fling

Sweater: 21 Men// Skirt: Bershka// Heels: Natasha TRF// Sunnies: Jack Wills// Bag: Rubi c/o Zalora HK// Chain: Stradivarius


Spring has arrived in my little town at last, but it's not really anything to celebrate if you're from around here -  since spring is one of the worst times of the year, super humid and foggy. Good thing though that the sun has come out to play with us recently

For my official first day of spring outfit, I went with a winning combo of pleats, prints and fringe. The result is what I think a very sporty yet chic look, since my heels evened it out quite well. This fringe bag is my answer to the 70's vibe that's been going on recently, but because it's leather, it works in many other outfits too. 

Life has been a lot of events and social outings lately, long days and nights dedicated to friends and family. I've also started going to the gym again, yep, I figured I needed to start keeping myself nice and fit again, since summer is only a few months away. It's also good to reconnect and get together with friends you haven't seen in a while, getting into situations you thought you wouldn't get into anymore - nope, not that wild though. I am, after all, a married woman. Hehehe...but spending long days with friends I've had since kindergarten, we do have our moments.

Anyways, how's your March doing so far? Do you like my sporty/70's mix? Discuss/

See you soon,

- Che