New Places

Leather jacket and necklace: Forever 21// Top: Asos// Shorts: Pull&Bear// Sunnies: Bershka// Shoes: Nike


Until very recently, my idea of HK was a large, sprawling city, with people who are always in a hurry, shopping, and...well, Fashion Week. Hehehe...yeah I've been to Stanley, but that seemed like a fluke. Well, I don't think that anymore. Leon and I decided to go to one of the islands around HK, Cheung Chau, but there are many other options - Lamma Island, Lantau and Discovery Bay I think it was. We are so visiting these other islands at some point. 

Another place next to a body of water, of course Cheung Chau is going to have a pier and boats everywhere, but it's more than that. It's about the food, damn it. My diet just went down the drain...there's so much food! Fish balls almost as big as my fist, surf and turf, fresh mango mochi, oh and bars with little-known German draft beers and banana splits. It's not fair, grrr....but oh so good! It's a breezy, lazy town. It's funny how used the locals are to tourists just walking and biking around their houses.  The sea is bright and blue, and I am so going back just to hit the beach (and maybe eat some more, hehe)

For my outfit, let's just say I did not have time to think about it. So black, black, denim and my comfiest shoes ever. Just threw my accessories in my bag, and put them on later. Our ferry was at 9:30a.m, we got there at 9:22a.m, yep. We live dangerously. But you can't go wrong with this combination right? Simple, prepared and comfortable. It's perfect for a day of walking.

So how do you find Cheung Chau? Do you just love discovering new places? Let me know!

- Che

Nautical Vibes

Jacket: Vintage (Tom Tailor)// Top and Bag: Zara// Skirt: Forever 21// Necklace: Asos//  Ring: Stradivarius// Heels: Edge// Sunnies: c/o Ana Jeffrey


Finally, after a week of almost dismal, grey, rainy weather - we finally stumbled onto a bright, sunny day. Perfection. I broke out my red and blues to come up with this nautical-feel outfit for the day. Red, blue, white and stripes right? I can almost imagine yachting in this, preferably with a nice bubbly and a sun hat.

I have been lusting over the Valentino rockstud pumps forever now (who isn't?), but seriously, I am not ready for that 900USD price tag. So to alleviate my lust for those shoes for a little while, I finally stumbled on these amazing red strappy heels. Nope they aren't studded, but between the red and the double strap, I think I know how it feels to fall in love all over again. 

My time is about to be so much more limited. I just signed on to a new company in an office position. Yep, from housewife, I'm about to return to being a working girl, which may be terrifying for some, but for some reason I am crazy excited. I'm too bored sweeties, I need a new challenge in my life. Tee hee...I'll update you soon enough, right now I'm more worried about my new office wardrobe.

So see you soon? Do you like the nautical look?

- Che

Food For Thought : Your 20's

So, I just realized that this April marks the third year I have been running my blog. I also came to realize that this year I will be turning 25. Yep, Moving into the late 20's category. A few years back if you had asked me what my plans were upon graduating, I would've given you a very straight, if somewhat naive, answer. Get a great job, work harder on my blog, maybe finally get to travel more with my boyfriend now that we were past with the school year, maybe get our own place and maybe start deciding a bit more on our future.

Well, none of that really happened. My post-graduation years were a whirlwind of life-changing decisions, questions and things I never learned in school. No matter how prepared I thought I was, I did not expect the punch in the gut life was waiting to give me.

Well, I survived (somewhat), and for my blog's third anniversary, I decided a simple outfit post was just not going to cut it and so today I'm gonna be dishing out some of the things I learned in my 20's. Feel free to sound off in the comments below later,