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I think one of the best decisions Leon and I made in Rome was to explore not only the expected 'Historical Center' of Rome but go further than that. While we were both entranced by all the history and the beautiful architecture around that area, there was something to be said about the unbearable crowds around as well. It didn't so much as bother us as it did make us crave for something a little less...touristy. So, after our much deserved pilgrimage to the Colosseum, we decided to head out via tram to Trastevere, the 'funky, bohemian' other side of the river in Rome.

The funny thing is, I almost have no photos in the main square of Trastevere - no good ones to be exact. Hehehe. It was almost as if the urge to picture anything and everything just melted away and all we wanted while we were there was to chill at one of the al fresco cafes, check vintage shops, and just revel in the peace and quiet this part of Rome afforded. We did, however, take pictures walking out of Trastevere back to the main area of Rome, a scenic walk that led us to find two amazing discoveries - the Castel d'Angelo and Vatican City, which we realized was just walking distance from there. All in all, walking from our hotel right dab smack in the center of Rome to this gem of a place took all of thirty minutes.

And we would find ourselves taking that same walk back to the Vatican the next day.

Next time you're in Rome, I highly suggest walking around Trastevere! You won't regret it.

At this rate, I just want all my Europe posts done. Ugh, really sorry for taking this long! See you soon - Che



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