Style.Che was created by Chezka Cenon as a creative medium with which to share with the digital world her passion for fashion, style, art, travel, trends, and life in general  in terms of hundreds of personal photos, sometimes meaningless rambles, and occasional novels about her life. It documents her personal (somewhat out of this world) style, inspired by cartoons, a mishmash of eras, period movies, books, and just the clothes themselves. It will also show her purchases, which are many, her travels, her whimsiness, her inspirations, and sometimes her frustrations

By Che:
 I started this blog as a hobby on the side, something to do when there is none, not to be taken seriously and easy to let go of. Well, that was not the case. I went through three major blog changes : Curly and Chic, OddCandy, and now Style.Che - always looking for my niche in the blogosphere, but finding it, unfortunately for me, much later. My blog has become a big part of my life, something alive that has to be nourished, something that will be painful to let go of. I have poured more about me on this blog than I have with other things.
I hope everyone could enjoy this little personal space of mine, and follow me through my style


Some Facts about the Author:

I live in Macao, a tiny, little land off the Mainland of China

I am purely Filipino by nationality, but my attitudes and values are very local Macanese

My hair is naturally curly, but I have straightened it before - maybe not ever again

I love to travel (I always plan outings), and I enjoy spontaneity in my travels. I collect shot glasses as my souvenirs from every country I visit (As of now, I have eight ;)

I am an adrenaline junkie - I enjoy bungy-jumping, climbing, water sports, trying exotic foods, roller coasters, and water slides. Strangely, I'm the only one like this in my family :P

I have always liked dressing up (since forever)


Leon Lee is the love of my life, and my first love. Yes, my first love came at age 21. He was my classmate for three years, but only in our last year (because we shared the same internship) did we become together. He is half of Style.Che. He owns the camera, takes my photos, my advisor, my partner. Without him, this blog would not be where it is today

I do try to make my own clothes. I have the concepts in my head, but I have trouble doing it in practice. I can't sew!

If I did not have a fashion blog, I would have a blog about art and random facts. I love to draw. My main mediums are 4B - 6B pencils and a pen. Ink pens work better. I love drawing the characters in the novels I read, Japanese-style cartoons, and right now I am experimenting with real people and objects


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  1. such a lovely introduction ! i was staying in macau for 2 year but few years back ......

  2. Oh really? That's nice to know, I might've seen you in the street without knowing!

  3. You and your love make an amazing pair. :) I really wanna visit Macao. :) Following you. :)

  4. Ahhh, I'm half fillipino. :D
    LOVE LOVE your blog! So inpsiring!
    I'm new to blogspot, so it would be great to make new friends on here!
    Follow back? :)


    talk soon :)

  5. There are only a few people I know who can rock this kind of hairstyle. Very nice blog Che! :)

  6. Thanks for dropping on my blog Che, I'm glad to know another Filipina blogger. I'm now following you. :)


  7. aww you & your bf look so cute. & yes, please do not EVER straighten you hair again it is soooooo gorgeous curly!! so awesome you live in Macao, really interesting to see bloggers from such diff places & i loved seeing bits of around your town.

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- Che