About Chezka Cenon

Born and raised in Macau, but of Philippine descent, Chezka Cenon founded "Chic & Curly" in 2008, "Odd Candy" in 2010, and her current blog, StyleChe, since 2012. StyleChe started out as a platform more inclined towards fashion, but has since expanded to include travel diaries, how-to guides, lifestyle tidbits, and everyday experiences.

Before choosing to pursue blogging, Chezka also wanted to be a a beauty queen as a child, an extreme-sports enthusiast, a comic book and manga artist, a professional singer, and a designer. However, after being bullied throughout highschool, which led to the discovery that personal style gave her more confidence and improved her low self-esteem, Chezka chose blogging, so that one day she could help other girls like her out there have more confidence in their style and their body.

Chezka continues her work on StyleChe, and would love to learn more about styling and fashion, willing to work with both brands and bloggers.

Aside from blogging, Chezka enjoys going to the gym, comic books, movies, spending quality time with family and friends, singing in the shower, partaking in activities that make her heart race, and travelling to far-off places. She, however, cannot cook.


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