Postcards from Milan

Gahhh life really has a way of getting away from you, doesn't it? Life has basically gotten in my way of these pictures, that's for sure, that and a recent dip in my mood that's left me a little uninspired as of late. Ugh. My life has a way of being all highs for a few months and then dipping so low that I'd rather hide in bed than deal with it all, much less this blog, for any amount of time. This has been a constant thing about me that I absolutely hate, how I could let lows just keep on digging themselves into the ground until I snap, and how I could doubt highs in my life because you know there's going to be the inevitable fall waiting at the end of it.But, that's not why you're here, I get it, just had to get that out of my system.Anyways, we are nearing the end of my travel photos now, and not a minute too soon, since I am suddenly itching to get back into my usual outfits. Not that I don't love these! Gad, I love them, but it's time to move on. So I'm finally finishing, starting with the first of my wondrous pictures in Italy! Of all the places I went in Europe, Paris was probably my top one (duh), but, there seems to be a Milan-shaped hole in my heart when I left. I don't know why, but I look back at Milan with fondness, and I really, truly loved it there. It didn't even start out right, yah know? We dropped off in Milan to heavy rains and all grey everything that really just put a damper on my mood the moment I stepped off the train. Almost no restaurants were open since it was a Sunday, so Leon and I had to settle for sandwiches and coffee to stave off hunger. We had such a hard time getting into our BnB, and I think there was a large chance we would have been left homeless had there not been a good samaritan who just happened to be taking a smoke break when Leon and I just kinda stopped trying, choosing instead to sit outside the locked building and think upon our life choices. Oh, and I was cold, really cold, which surprised me because the weather forecast said Italy would be warmer. Oh well.But as though the gods smiled upon our trip, it went a total 180 the next day. We woke up bright and early, and I decided to be as bright as my mood. We were literally 001 in line for the Duomo. We had an amazing breakfast. We got amazing photos in one of the busiest areas of Milan (the shopping mall, not the Duomo). Oh, and I got a brand new, Blair Waldorf-worthy headband! Gah, how a day can change. The moral of the story is, 'Tomorrow is always another day, best not to dwell on yesterday'.Sigh. I still get the shivers.Anyways, hope you liked this post lovelies! See you soon - Che



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