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I'M WEARING>> Blazer: FF Studio// Trousers and heels: Zara// Bag: Louis Vuitton// Scarf: from Mont St Michel// Sunnies: Monki

Oh gosh it's been a while. Again, it's just life - life's been too confusing and fast-paced nowadays, and once again blogging went to the backburner. But I'm back. So here's my latest 'fit in Paree. I've always had a younger, more vibrantly colored style, but for at least a day I wanted to look a little more ladylike, a little sophisticated, and where better to do it than Paris, right?

I also found this amazing place near the Louvre Museum that really matched my outfit, so these are some of my best outfit photos! I really love these, and let me know you love these too! This marks the first time you'll see my scarf here, and trust me, for some reason I was so attached to this while in Europe! So, this is it for now! See you soon loves - Che 



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