Shanghai Travel Diary

[Photos taken by Kate Cenon, Leon Li and yours truly]


I'M WEARING>> Coat: Asos// Sweater: Uniqlo// Culottes: Dorothy Perkins// Boots: Something Borrowed// Bag: H&M

Give every place you go to a fair shot - that's what I learned going to Shanghai. It didn't start out so great, since I figured on the first day that it gets dark at 4pm... which means photos were going to be tricky, I also almost got scammed out of 200RMB for a mobile sim card. And during the planning stages I suddenly wasn't sure it was family-friendly seeing as there wasn't much kiddy activities. 

But, it turned out just fine. Even when it was raining, it was great. So many beautiful places to see, each with their own personality - from European to Chinese. So many places we didn't see too, but there's always next time. Though my family is planning something warmer for next year, tee hee, let's see where we end up. Hope you enjoyed my pictures from Shanghai! See you soon.



  1. So glad it turned out well! It's gorgeous there! That statue is stunning. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  2. Dark at 4pm? That sounds awful, but these photos are so pretty and really tell a story. Hope you guys are still having fun!

  3. Oh, that's so exciting that you're in China! I'm sorry it hasn't all been pleasant, but am glad that things are looking up--the photos look beautiful. If you're still there, I definitely recommend Nanjing Road for sightseeing and shopping. There's also a cute little amusement park somewhere in Shanghai near a train station--I wish I could be more specific haha!

    Safe travels!

    imperfect idealist

  4. It looks so pretty, happy new year dear


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