Today, I show you lovelies my new purchase, a super sheer top from Zara, and new shorts from Sunstar~~ I don't usually wear my new purchases together for the first outfit, but these two were really just made for each other (note the pretty nude details on the top that matches the shorts) 

Some of you may tell me, Chezka, that top is from an old collection, but the thing is that, I got it from one of the many surplus shops scattered around Macao, and it was 19MOP!! It is original and still has a tag and the extra buttons on it; cool eh?? I was supposed to buy some lovely printed tights with the money I had on me that day, but when I saw this I fell in love!! And I bought the tights anyway..(will post soon)

The shorts I bought a few weeks ago. I had been looking for shorts like these for a long time now, and to my greatest luck I got these for a much lower price than I would've thought on a sales rack in one boutique in Sunstar - a local mall. The outfit is worn with my chunky heels and a wire headband I got in our shop..

Bye lovelies! see you guys soon - sorry I'm not posting as much as I can, work is getting the best of me. Speaking of work, I finally got to be a skywalk guide today - you know, the person who takes pictures of people who skywalk - and I love it!!!!! really really love it!! If you're new to my blog and don't know what I'm talking about, see here.

That's it my lovelies! thanks for reading this far - love you all!
- Che -

Oh P.S. I'm thinking of buying a new camera..thanks for the suggestion Mr Penguin..and if anyone has any suggestion for me (my knowledge of technology sucks), please let me know!!

Blouse : Zara (bought in Uno)
Shorts : Sunstar
Heels : Parisian (SM Dept.)
Headband & Rings : our local shop




  1. I am in love with your cute shorts!
    And love your headband - looks cute!

  2. thanks! I am in love with them too!! gosh, I feel sooo lucky to have found them..swear!

  3. The shorts is amazing. I'm planing to by one like yours

  4. wow! love the combination of everything here!!!

  5. i really love this outfit... i discovered your blog a minute ago and i´m already in love so you win a new follower ♥♥♥

  6. Gur you look so pretty.. And I love the sheer top!

    Love love


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