OddCandy | Happy Monthsary

I missed it! I missed my blog's first monthsary!!!!Yesterday - March 12, to be exact - I've been a blogger for one month since the day I decided to reuse it.

Yes, I've now been seriously blogging for one whole month, and things have been great!! That is why I've decided that from now on, in order to celebrate my blog monthly, I will dedicate a thank - you post every month on the 12th, starting now. Here are the things I'm thankful for this month:

This first month, you may notice that I have thanked mostly stuff regarding my blog but this will be expanded soon!! Soon there will be stuff like : I want to thank chocolate for existing :)) (which I do)

It's been a great first month!! and I hope it only continues to get better!

that's it! Happy Monthsary OddCandy!!! bye!

kisses lovelies!!



  1. Happy for your newly re-born blog darling! Proud of you and know that I'm alway here fo you!!!



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