Okay, so I'm wearing a simple all black outfit today (what??? Chezka, simple??) - till you get down to my legs and feet, where the colors get a little crazier. Meet my new tights, the ones I said I would post! I think they're the prettiest things I have ever seen, and I just had to have them. They make this boring outfit a little less boring, noh?? Oh and the bag is a kind of makeup kit - my sister and I really use them as actual bags.

I think my photos don't justify these beauties - it doesn't show how they sparkle and go shling-shling when I walk! But it doesn't matter, I love them anyway!!

I seem to always go for a shorts/skirt + tights look when I'm strapped for time - which is why tights are a crucial part of my closet -  I have so many of them in different colors and prints! Would you believe me if I told you I only have one pair of jeans and about forty pairs of tights?? It's true!

The skirt is the same one I used for the post : Good witch, bad witch, but in a fit of boredom (and want of a basic black skirt) I cut it and voila! Isn't it obvious that I like to cut up my clothes? I don't even think it could be considered sewing (very little use of needles is involved) more like cutting, shredding, oddifying!! I actually have a DIY project as of late, but it's not done yet - hopefully, I'll post it soon.

I've been on a shopping mood lately, and there are still so many beautiful new things I haven't posted here - but I will soon. For now, though, bye bye and kisses!

Happy blogging lovelies ~~

- Che -


Blazer : Suzuya
Skirt : altered
Tights : local shop
Shoes : Millie's
Bag : our shop




  1. I really like your tights gurrr.. And this whole look!


  2. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I'm so glad you left a link to yours =) I'm following! looking forward to reading more posts!


  3. I love your tights!!! and how you wear them with blue shoes!!!

  4. Thanks, actually, when I was thinking of the outfit, the tights + blue shoes was the first thing I was sure of :)


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