OddCandy | I Want A Vintage Mommy Hand-me-down

So, on my post titled Candycane and peppermint, I mentioned I had only one flannel shirt. That is still true because this is a flannel dress. It's my mom's which she recently gave me. Not vintage or anything - :( - but still a pretty flannel dress nonetheless. I have never gotten anything vintage from my mom, she said her clothes were all with my grandma in the Philippines, but knowing my granny, lovable as she is, she has a knack for forgetting things or else refusing to give them away for sentimental reasons...but I will keep trying!! I want a mom hand-me-down!

But returning to the matter that is my outfit:

This outfit came to mind after I browsed through one of the best-dressed bloggers (for me), her name is Jane from sea of shoes and she has the prettiest clothing I have ever seen...her style is so unique and so her, and she doesn't follow trends to the letter; truly a breathe of fresh air. I don't know why her blog brought me to dress like this, but she is my inspiration for the day.

The dress is a peasant dress my mom got on sale somewhere, I forgot, it's not branded, but I love it, even if it is too big and long for me, and the straps keep falling off when I wear it. I love the pattern! Worn with my new chunky heels (I'm gonna call them that from now on).

Sorry if my pictures always seem to be indoors. The camera I am using is not mine, it is my sister's and she allows me to use it as long as she is present, lest I lost it again.

Goodbye lovelies! See you next time!

Shirt : Bossini
Dress : Vintage
Shoes : Parisian




  1. Che I love this look. I like the chic+grunge look.

  2. I love you shirt and your shoes are amazing! very originals!
    I folloe you...follow me back please! see you kiss

  3. Thanks guys :)
    @ superblondeep : welcome to my blog :)

  4. I couldn't agree more on our moms not 'saving' their dresses for our future use. Hehe. I like the pink flannel. I own only one as well and what do you know? It's pink too. =) Love to you, doll.

  5. love the dress and the hat!

    <3 steffy


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