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Ugh, I think that's the worst title I've come up with so farr, but nevertheless true!! This post I'm about to post today (don't I just confuse you with my ramblings??) is late, as it was the outfit I sported before wearing my outfit from the post : Vintage Moss.
The reason I call it blast from the past is because I was re-wearing some stuff I thought I had lost from my closet, stuff that are from my fashion past (not great, I assure you).

First blast from the past:    THE BELT

Remember the time when wrap belts with long strands dangling along one side of the waist was the biggest thing among the crowds?? Well, I was twelve and I wanted one soooo badly! Thankfully Santa Claus gave me one for christmas!! (what?? I saw it in my stocking). Unfortunately though, the trend died and I stuffed this belt in the back of my closet, never to be worn again...until now :)) hahaha...I just looped the strands up and voila!

Second Blast from the past :    THE LEATHER BRACELETS

I think we all went through that stage : the rebel stage. I wore all black, sex bands and leather for two years before leaving that behind me, but now I wear them again. That's all!!

So here's my outfit of the day:

I wore this outfitt to go to lunch with my sister and her new boyfriend - yeah, introduction! - and we ate at the Curry Monster - yum yum, curry - and stayed until about 2 p.m. I think my chunky heels are my new fave shoes!! I 've been wearing them a lot!

And that's it!! Bye lovelies for now!! I still have so much to post!

P.S I've got the photos of my internship!!! will post soon!!!

kisses ~ Che


Blouse : Mom's
Pants : Black Moss
Heels : Parisian
Belt : Northpole??




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