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Hello Readers, for this post I just want to tell everyone about one of my favorite actresses/personalities, Helena Bonham Carter.

I like her not just because she is an amazing actress - which she is - and because if I were ever in acting (and I'm not saying I will ever act. I can't) I would probably take almost all her roles!! I wanna be a queen with a big head too! But I like her for having the guts to stand out when everyone else just blends in. In movies and in real life, she never goes for understatement. It's like art...

Here's something she said about what she was going to wear to the Oscars :

" It’s probably going to be a catastrophe. But it’s like, I’m gonna go for it. "
- H.B.C.

Well, it might not have been a 'best' look, but no one is gonna remember some blah gown next to a British flag thigh strap thingy :)

Well, that's it lovelies! Happy posting!



  1. haha love this post, too funny :)

    <3 steffy

  2. Gurr u live her too. She's insane!! But in a very good way! Great post!

  3. She is one of the most interesting actress in the industry!
    My Lyfe ; My Story


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