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Well, after all those serious shoots between me and Miss Carla Violet, the cold finally went to us and we decided to stay home and resume the shoots from there. We had so much fun that believe it or not, we forgot to have a shoot for the fifth and final look for the challenge, although I did still wear it, just--without the pumps..hehehe...

But these shots are just so awesome.

Another attempt at showing it off...damn!

These were our first shots, before hilarity ensued, as you would probably notice, I'm still wearing outfit no#4. These shots reminded me of a 90's photoshoot inside some disco or dance club!!

I call this one : Caliente hott! ahahahaa :)))

Finally, we were so caught up into it I brought out some of my most colourful clothes, and then we just sort of started picking off clothes at random, you know, like whatever goes. We got great shots!! It was so cool that our outfits were all in sync of each other.

This looks like something from Gap or American Eagle or something...I'm not even sure what...

This was so much fun that I'm so excited to do it again, hopefully with my other friends next time!!

Well that's it! Till next time! Kisses...there's only one more post I want to post after this, and that is the off-duty look we sported after this fun shoot...I'm sure Carla already told you about it.

P.S. I found the blogger who started this challenge. Her name is Alicia, and you can see her site on the sidebar, or here.



  1. Love your poses ... so cute!


  2. Gurr I really love this.. Let's do it again with the girls!

  3. Thanks thanks everyone!

    @H Rija: hehe...we were having so much fun we forgot to pose right...somehow, it just became...right :) thanks!

    @Carla: I know right!! yeah we should!!! Oh yeah...how're yah??


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