OddCandy | Oh, it was Valentine's?

Spent the entire day sitting around at our stationery shop - nine freakin' hours - and juggled most of my time re-watching episodes of Castle on my laptop, reading this book called 'The Historian' and taking pictures of myself (thank goodness I dressed in something presentable and valentine-ish with the red) throughout the day; the place looked so trashed when I was done because I had been shuffling things around to find a nice place to shoot.

This was one of the coldest Valentine's ever - for those of you who are from Macao, don't panic, I had a coat and scarf just waiting on the side. I finally got to use my new wedges (even if it's just for clomping around the shop) and they are so comfy that I'm definitely wearing them again.

Well, that's it...Hope everyone had a great Valentine! (well, better than mine at least)

Till next time, ciao!
Striped sweater : Roxy
Skirt : local boutique
Blazer : Suzuya
Wedges : Sunstar
Heart bracelet : Hard Rock Hotel



  1. I love your outfit and I do to watch the Castles!

    "Happy Valentine's Day"



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