Candycane & Peppermint

Today I tried my hand at mixed prints, and very deliberately too, not at all understated, but then again, I have never been known for understatement...hmmm...someone told me once. I achieved this with my 'only' flannel shirt - why don't I have more flannel shirts?? -  and my fave pleated, polka dot skirt. It reminded me a bit of candy (or I might just be craving sweets) hence the title...

Tee hee. I had so much fun posing for this!!

Oh, before I forget, I also wanted to show my new bag, which I got for very cheap while 'red-marketing' (you'll soon find out that this is a common term I use)...Yes, I know I'm not at a position to spend at the moment but...haizz...once again, I couldn't resist. I bought some other stuff as well and will be showing them off (tee hee, so excited) here in the future...Oh, the ring is new too, but I got it for free at our shop...sometimes it's nice having a shop...that is, when I don't have to stay in it doing nothing...

So lovely. so cheap. good combo!!
Well, that's it...ciao!

Showing off my new ring!!! Love itttt!!!
I'll be going to the Philippines later this week and I still haven't posted the rest of my other trips!! Ahh!! I'm running out of time...I just really loved this outfit!!

Flannel Shirt : China
Skirt : Sunstar
Socks & Bag : Red Market
Shoes : Charles and Keith
Ring : Paper n' Pens (our shop)
Bracelet : recycled trash :)


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  1. I love your ring and you look extremely cute!

  2. Nice Che that's bold!!!

  3. Thanks guys...Yeah it is quite bold, isn't it?? hehe...

    @H Rija: thanks for liking the ring!!


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