Flying while on Holiday | Kuala Lumpur

Well, let me start by saying that 'I hate that I have to spend my vacation months ahead of actual summer!!!' It's so cold outside that most of the time I am stuck here, inside our flat or inside our shop (just...'inside') instead of lounging around the poolside or strolling around San Malo or something else for fear of having icy fingers and a runny nose. All because of my late internship (starting March...*boo hoo*).

But on the brightside, I did get to travel a lot, first with my friend from university, Heidi, to Kuala Lumpur and Bali, and then with my family in HK. Hopefully, I'll be able to go to the Philippines before my vacation days are up...but...just hopeful for a good ending!!

So, since I am stuck here - sniff sniff - and have really little to talk about at the moment, I'll be sharing these trips with you,reminiscing the good, warm times along the way.........

I'll start with Kuala Lumpur, which was warm, but cloudy, when we came. The city was lovely and reminded me so much of Manila, in the Philippines, but I guess most major cities look the same, with all the high-rises and concrete. I loved Petronas Tower! I thought it was really beautiful, even if I didn't get to go to the Skybridge (it was closed when we came). 

I was wearing more clothing than what the heat permitted because I was afraid to offend the muslim community...hehe...turns out tourists here, just like anywhere else in the world, don't have to follow some rules to the letter. Heidi was right; we didn't know better. But what the heck...I liked this outfit; I thought it was cute, even if I had to constantly look for an airconditioner :)

We also went to KL Tower, which was near petronas; The sky view of petronas was taken from there....

Ahhh....KUL down, Bali to go! Till then, ciao!

Dress, necklace, & shades : China
Harem Pants : Mansi (altered)
Ballet Flats : Sun Star
Purse : gifted (from mom)



  1. Love you outfit and it sounds like you had a great time!!


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