OddCandy | And my mom says: "Hallelujah!!"

Hahaha...yes she did say these words, more than once actually, because I finally cleaned my room and reorganized most of my stuff, including my closet, shoe storage and jewelry boxes.

I spent all night on it (I work better at night - no relation to vampirism), finally finishing around 5a.m in the morning with a large garbage bag filled to the top with junk.

And what, you would ask, brought on this major cleaning session, when it's not even spring yet?? New shoes. Oh and new trays for my jewelry since my box cannot hold them all anymore.

I really hope this cleanliness streak lasts me more than a week, which, sadly, I am sure will not happen. So let's just all look at my shoes (some unearthed from the very bottom of the cabinets) and my stuff, shall we???

Pretty snakeskin heels, also from Steve Madden, that I bought for only a fraction of the original price during sale...I love sales:)

My unbranded black booties - one of my most fave shoes, quite cheap too, and sturdy

My white oxfords. 'White?' you may ask, but they were just so pretty and vintage-y and...white!! I love white stuff!!

Another Steve Madden pair I got for cheap! I love these sandals, so colourful and comfy! Makes me wish sometimes it was summer already *sigh*

*teehee* My new Platform wedges....I love them!! Like.....really!! can't wait to pair them up with some of my clothes!!

Just some of my shoes; I am still digging through my shoe cabinet for the others (It's an ongoing process)...notice that I don't seen to own any sneakers?? Well, I really don't think I do anymore...I'm not really a sneaker person...

Ahhh...my jewelry looks so much better in these trays!

And finally, my most fave footwear of all (which I am wearing right now, all cozy while writing this), my fuzzy leopard slippers, which keep my feet warm and comfy and look super cute...*meow*
I'll try to post some looks soon, but for now, bye bye ;)

Gray booties, Snakeskin heels, & Beaded sandals : Steve Madden
Black heeled booties & White oxfords : China
Wedge booties : Sun-star
Jewelry trays & dividers : Daiso
Fuzzy slippers : China



  1. I am in love your shoes!! =)


  2. Che-heeee! finally! i was wondering how chic and curly disappeared for a while! Anyways, i love your shoes!!!!! really!! specially the new platforms!!! where'd you get them?? =)

  3. Hehe,I;m glad you like them, they're from Sunstar, 2nd flr...and are quite pricey :(...gurr, i love your platforms (not the ones penguin gave you)...I wanna buy also, are there any other colors???

  4. Grey... i think.. though I'm not sure exactly where he got them =) thank you!



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