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So, for my second blogger look with these heels, I went for 'jungle cat'; I know I heard something related to big cities and big cats before...but I can't remember what it was.

Ah well...for this look, the unused piece was a grey leopard-print cardigan. To be honest, it is actually not as unused as the other articles I used for the challenge, but I always wore it underneath coats and jackets, barely on its own as a standout piece, which was only once or twice. So that still makes it an under-used garment, right??

 Grey, brown and black, very city noh?


Cardigan : Black Moss
Shirt : American Apparel Men (I think) altered
Skirt + Leggings combo : Mansi
Pumps, Fedora : China
Circle Necklace : Bali




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