Okinawa | Beachside Wedding

A beach wedding has always been a dream of mine, and maybe I'm just a sucker for watching love come together. So, when Leon's closest mate invited us as guests to his beachside wedding in Okinawa, how was I going to say no? Yes, even if I'm not the one exchanging 'I do's.

If the light in these pictures look weird, it's because the weather at this point of our trip in Okinawa kept moving from stormy grey skies to sunshine, and back, the entire day. I was hot and cold in this outfit. I actually had my leather jacket with me, just in case.

Anyways, we actually have a lot of photos of the married couple, but it's private so I just leave you with one. I'll keep this short for now because I am beyond exhausted, and there's one more day to go before the weekend. Ugh. But, I hope you like this post! See you soon darlings - Che



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