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Long time no see, lovelies. I know. It's bad, and it has been. I have been beyond exhausted lately, and while I don't blame this on anyone, I do wonder to myself how long I can still hold on to this life before just keeling over. 

Anyways, on with the show. There's just two posts left to my latest Japan series now, this one not included. Right after the wedding, we left the idyllic calm of Hotel Nikko Alivila, set in front of the beach in the middle of nowhere, to the bustle of Central Okinawa. I couldn't find any hotels close to the American Village, so Leon and I found ourselves 20 minutes away by car, in a small, crumbling former airbase of the United States.

Almost no open shops, and very little people. You could tell that this was not a usual tourist spot. We stayed at the amazing Trip Shot Hotel, set upstairs from Players' Cafe, that has one tenant and only one guest at any given time. I loved it. I found it quiet and very quaint. Like, I don't really have to be a tourist here, doing all these touristy things. It's very cute too, giving out an alien-like vibe.

Too bad Leon and I only stayed a day, I would have liked to stay longer actually. Just walking around, or chilling at the cafe, or just laying in the coolest room I have ever had the pleasure to book.

Sigh. The weather went downhill after this, but we were well on our way to our second destination, Fukuoka. But that's for another post. See you soon, lovelies! - Che



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