Kumamoto Travel Diary

I'M WEARING>> Tee: American Depot// Dress (worn as skirt): c/o Zaful// Shoes: Adidas// Jacket: Lee (via Mayonnaise Vintage)// Sunnies: Ray Ban// Bag: Something Borrowed

Sigh, we are almost to the end of my latest getaway. Japan was once again a big treat, and our days in Fukuoka were perfect, all sunshine and cool. Leon and I went out early. We were headed to Kumamoto, a sleepy town outside two hours away from Fukuoka, and so well-known for their bear character, Kumamon.

For some reason, there was an abundance of Coca-cola stuff and signs that just matched my Japanese coke shirt. Like, OMG I have a Coca-cola shirt in Japanese! Hahaha. My life is complete. Oh and Carla just bought me one with the classic CC logo!

Unfortunately, there was a big earthquake there just a year prior, so their main attraction, Kumamoto Castle, was closed. So we headed out to Kusasenrigahama, a viewing area on the foot of the mountain, instead. We never got there. Hahaha. The GPS brought us far out into the mountain (about halfway up) to a viewing deck. It wasn't even that pretty, and since we were losing daylight, we had a big problem. Do we go back down? Or do we go up? Good thing there was one more car in that viewing point. 

OK, he did laugh at us when we told him where we were supposed to be going, but he did help us out. We conversed in broken English and Japanese, oh and hand gestures. He told us to go higher - to Daikanbo, which was the name of an ice-cream shop on the top of the mountain. Hahah. It was fun, but the ice-cream shop was closed. Beautiful view, and very, very cold. Love it!

Anyways. One post left, which is my Fukuoka Travel Diary. Let me tell you, there's a lot of Ramen!

See you soon, darlings! - Che



  1. Fantastic photos, it looks like such a wonderful place and I hope I can visit one day!

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. Love this post! I haven't been to Kumamoto and I wish I can go there on my next trip to Japan.
    Anyway, I really love your outfit here :)



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