Lady In Orange

I'M WEARING>> Top: Na-Kd// Pants: H&M// Shoes: Nike// Sunnies: Aldo// Bag: 6ixty 8ight

Simple. That's what I'm going for this summer. Because OMFG I cannot handle the heat anymore! Like, stahpppp, I want my winter back. But...that's the weather nowadays.

I bought this amazing one-shoulder top about three months ago. It's very thin and light, and easy to miss in a closet where the clothes fall every time I open it. But tada, I found it, finally, and it was an easy mix with these orange brights. Don't you just love these pants? I have worn these pants multiple times now, but first time with these shoes.

They're a pretty awesome match, right?

Anyways, wow, it's been a while. But once again, I am pumped to post! June was just too hectic, too many things changing, and my heart just wasn't in it. Lame excuse I know, but orange you glad I'm back? 

Please tell me you found that joke funny, hahaha.

That's it for now, darlings, see you soon! - Che



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