Fukuoka Travel Diary

Hi Darlings! Happy 1st of July. 
I can't say it's been the best start of the month, because I just had a whopper dumped on me today that really killed my mood. But I'm feeling optimistic, so we won't dwell on that, because it might just get a whole lot better.

But first, I just wanna squeeze out these final photos I took in Fukuoka. They've been in my computer for too long, waiting for me. And now they're here! I just had to finish this series, loves, because I have bigger news - This July I'm headed to Europe! 

It's a work trip, and then it's not. I'm so looking forward to it, because Carla and I will be hitting multiple countries. We'll discuss more the closer we get to it, but follow me on social media to get on top of all the updates! 

Anyways, Fukuoka. Let's just say that if I visited Fukuoka before Tokyo/Osaka...I might have liked it more. The fact that I have visited the others made Fukuoka a little unremarkable. Just another city, I suppose. But it's beautiful and peaceful. Much cleaner and much quieter, not a lot of tourists in sight. When we were there the weather was the perfect blend of sunshine and winter cool, making these some of the prettiest photos I have taken on the trip so far.

It's also the 'must-go' place for ramen. Leon and I tried a spectrum of ramen flavours on this trip - from the cheap, authentic ramen you can buy in the small roadside stalls, with a chef who did not speak English and a handwritten Japanese menu we could barely understand, to the expensive, one-of-a-kind, dipped ramen. What we did not try is the ramen in the Main branch of Ichiban Ramen (which is famous in Macao and HK) so face palm to us! Ugh. Must go back and try Ichiban.

All in all, a perfect, sunny end to another amazing trip. And now I'll be heading to Europe! OMG lovelies, I'm headed to Europe! I'm floored, and I don't know what to wear, and I'm starting to think one luggage may not be enough. Hahaha. I'll update you guys! See you soon - Che



  1. WOW! What an amazing tour! Have a safe trip to Europe, Che! :)



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