Montenegro Travel Diary

Hi lovelies! Sorry for going MIA on you for a while. It's got nothing to do with all of you. I just needed a break after that whopper of a trip. Many things went very right, but many things also went  quite wrong. My latest trip left me craving rest, normalcy and just my regular routines. I know it may sound anticlimactic, but I guess it's just true what they say - there's no place like home.

Anyway, here's my last post of Montenegro, a jumble of photos from our daily photo trips while on the Maestral Resort for work.

Everything was just so new to me - the scene, the food, the people, when I landed in MNE, like Alice in Wonderland. I have little to complain about this place, except maybe the taxi service. It was beautiful, warm, and friendly. A little gem I would always remember, and maybe come back to someday.

For now though, I'll just leave you with the pictures, because I am beat! See you next time, lovelies! - Che



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