Coca Cola Club

I'M WEARING>> Shirt: GU// Skirt: Zalora HK// Crop top: Asos// Bag: Something Borrowed// Sunnies: Rubi// Shoes: Fenty x Puma

Call this a random outfit on a weekday. Hek hek, yep. I'm just counting down the days at this point till my upcoming work trip - slash - mini vacay around Europe. 

Anyways, here's another Coca-cola shirt, which was a present from Miss Carla Violet one afternoon they decided to hit HK. I was so surprised, grateful, and extremely over the moon when I got it. I mean, come on! I have an ongoing obsession with all things Coca-Cola, everything except the soda, which, while I like once in a while (usually mixed with Whiskey), I don't really drink.

I've never been a strong summer dresser, always ending up in the most random outfits, but I do love this mix of unnecessary add-ons and general randomness. I do. There's the belt not holding anything up, the crop top over the tee. Hahahaha. But fashion is supposed to be fun, right? This makes me happy, believe it or not. Oh and while I'm here, fine, let's address the elephant in the room, nope I didn't straighten my hair for the long-term, this is part of the treatment I get for my hair. I guess it's just easier to cut when straight. It'll be back to normal soon!

Sigh, just a few days to go, and I have yet to pack anything! I'll keep you updated on that. Heheh. See you soon darlings - Che



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