Hi Darlings, for tonight, I'll keep this short. It's currently 2AM in Budva, Montenegro, where I currently am (insert cool emoji here, tee hee), and I am starting to doze off while writing, so enjoy the photos and my whirlwind ride through Rome.

24 hours. That's how long I stayed here. I can't say I did a lot, because I didn't, but what I did do, I enjoyed immensely. I think there's a reason Rome is on the bucket list of many (many) people. It's the romantic nature of it all. I quite literally had a small moment to myself while dining al fresco, wine in hand, all because some music started playing in the background. That's how I always imagined it would be, and it was glorious.

I wouldn't say Rome is a perfect city. It's not, but it celebrates its own culture and heritage proudly. I think I fell in love with the people, the architecture, and the general ambience of it all.

Hopefully, next time would be a bit more that 24 hours, though. What do you think? Would you go?

Stay tuned for more travel pics because this is gonna be quite a trip! Just letting it all sink in now. See you soon, loves! - Che



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