Flower Power

I'M WEARING>> Jacket: Hey Jude!// Top: Forever 21// Jeans: Asos// Shoes: Adidas// Bandanna: 6ixty 8ight

Sigh, I had a great weekend. I did nothing, if you were asking. Hahaha. Just chilling in my pyjamas that Sunday, enjoying being a couch potato.

This outfit was another simple, just-threw-this-on look. I find matching prints/colors the easiest way to make a look pop. I love this floral jacket, don't you? And I especially loved how it matched this top, which I almost forgot I owned, BTW. Blasphemy, I know.

Anyways, I just wanted a quick update today. It's late and I'm tired. I'll see you all soon! What do you think of this outfit? As always, lend me your thoughts in the comments - Che



  1. I love how the red roses are popping up all over your upper body, Che, so tremendously cool. I have a definite thing for red roses (hey, Belle) and just got one tattooed on my right wrist a few days ago, truth be told :)

    1. Thanks Sheela! And great idea for a tattoo! Love roses too :)

      - Che


  2. Awesome outfit that suits on you best. You are looking much pretty and attractive in this outfit. Dissertation writing services


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