Okinawa Travel Diary: Part I

For everyone planning to go to Okinawa, just a little advice. Do not expect Tokyo or Osaka-esque levels of entertainment. That said, I did find Okinawa very charming. The vibe was more local, but heavily touristy as well. How could it not be, with shorelines as far as the eye could see? Leon and I enjoyed our time here, as we were going for more of a relaxing trip, rather than jumping from place to place, for this trip.

Anyways, these photos were taken on our first official day on the island. We had planned to be part of the wedding party, who were touring the island as well. The itinerary was the Zakimi Castle ruins and a series of caves and peaks, with a lighthouse looming in the distance. The views of the sky and blue seas are amazing, and they really bank on it here.

You can probably see the ocean and the sky from a lot of points in Okinawa - our amazing hotel notwithstanding! So, I hope you enjoy these first travel photos of our Japan trip! So much more to show you, so see you soon - Che



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