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Gosh!! I have a large backlog of posts and the portable internet connection I bought here is reaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyy slow...this outfit was what I wore last sunday. I've wanted to wear the grey dress for a while now; I think I've only worn it once since I bought it last year in a sale.

Carla Violet and I had the photos after Sunday Mass, taken by our verry own little siblings, who happen to be good friends as well.


Dress : Mansi
Bag : Red Market
Boots : China
Necklace : Genevieve Gozum - altered (Phils)
Cardigan : Daddy's Closet


Also, Carla and I recently had another of our photo sessions - many months too long! - and I will be posting them here soon. I'm sure they're already on Carla's blog so go check it out here.



  1. ur blog is so cute and girlish. love that.
    looking at ur pictures made me smile. :)



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