Late Sunday Post

Gosh!! I have a large backlog of posts and the portable internet connection I bought here is reaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyy slow...this outfit was what I wore last sunday. I've wanted to wear the grey dress for a while now; I think I've only worn it once since I bought it last year in a sale.

Carla Violet and I had the photos after Sunday Mass, taken by our verry own little siblings, who happen to be good friends as well.

This was my dad's cardigan; one day I took it out and claimed it as my own...he didn't seem to mind :)

My grey dress with sequins


Dress : Mansi
Bag : Red Market
Boots : China
Necklace : Genevieve Gozum - altered (Phils)
Cardigan : Daddy's Closet


Also, Carla and I recently had another of our photo sessions - many months too long! - and I will be posting them here soon. I'm sure they're already on Carla's blog so go check it out here.

As for me, as of now, here's a short preview of what the shoot looked like:

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  1. ur blog is so cute and girlish. love that.
    looking at ur pictures made me smile. :)


  2. Thanks!! I'm glad I make u smile :}


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