OddCandy | A Fresh New Start

Guess what?? I just deleted 17 of my own posts a few seconds ago...you must be wondering: has she gone mad??? well, maybe a little. But you see, I was not comfortable writing those first posts, I was actually trying in vain to follow other bloggers' styles, which is not really the point of having one. 

So yeah, this time I will try to be more 'me' and less 'everyone else'. Of course not much will change, it's just that I will write more openly this time...yeah...that's it. So, below, are once again pictures of me, and unsurprisingly, my clothes:

So, welcome to my blog once again...my fresh, new blog start...(Gosh, I sound a bit cheesy....but yeah).

Sweater: Bossini
Skirt: Local Boutique
Boots: Doc Martens



  1. You look amazing and don't worry I did the same time... at least you still kept the same blog - I created a blog last year 2010 and ended up making it an orphan because I starting changing the point of view on how I wrote - it didnt have the special touch - well this year 2011 I start a new and promised myself to keep it truthful and to be more me!!!
    And I am gonna fully support you by following you!!

    Good luck on your blog and keep in touch!!


  2. H Rija i totally agree... I had the same situation when i first started my blog and kept having problems with my posts that I edited a lot of it... but now I'm almost over it and I'm just enjoying posting whatever comes to mind.v=)


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