Flying while on Holiday | Hong Kong

Well, technically this isn't the last part of my vacation since right now, I am here in Philippines (which is like, a million degrees hotter than Macao right now - okay, maybe not a hundred, but it is verrrrryyyyy hotttt!!! -) but this is the last destination for this series.

HK was - to put it shortly - a disaster!! It was so hott for all the clothes we were wearing and since it was Chinese New Year at the time, almost everything was closed!!! I didn't get to see or buy anything decent! Our hotel could not find our reservation, we did not get a reservation at the Hollywood Hotel in HK Disneyland, and every ride in Disneyland had a 30 minute to one-hour waiting time due to the massive influx of people!! I tell you, disaster!

But since I was with family, it wasn't that bad...

[ 1st Day: ]

[2nd Day:]


[1st Day:]

Coat : J Crew
Sweater : American Eagle Men (altered)
Shorts : No Boundaries
Boots : China
Bag : Bali


[2nd Day:]

Shirt : Black Moss
Skirt : some boutique
Tights : Hong Kong




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