OddCandy | Good Witch; Bad Witch

Still the same shoes, different outfit, this time inspired by witches (not the Harry Potter type witches, although they are pretty awesome, but classic witches, with their full skirts, hats and boils - minus the boil part; I don't think that would've looked very good on me) ...yeah,, hence the full-length accordion skirt and flowy top, and fedora...now all I need is a broom!!

Some of the pictures are pretty blurry, but at least you get an idea of what I am trying to show...

The pumps are the same, I just added some leftover cloth strings from a dress I cut up to make the straps, like Look # 1 :)

I'll be posting all these looks now because tomorrow I start my internship, and I really want to get this all posted before my fried-up brain forgets again :)))) love you all!!!


Top : Sisi
Skirt : thrifted
Jewelry (all) : China
Pumps : China




  1. I love this look! It has a very dark appeal, like mysterious hehe. Witch!


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