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THE PIECE: Black Pumps

Carla Violet and I met up last Saturday, after a bout of inspiration, to have a photo session. We haven't had one in ages, and so we were both so psyched to meet and just dress up, take pictures and have fun. It was only a bit dampened by the fact that it was pouring outside, there was nowhere to take pictures, and it was cold!!!

She told me of another blogger (will update and credit the blogger later; have to ask Carla Violet first) and this idea, that we use 'one' article of clothing to create five different looks, and pair it with something that has been sitting in one's closet unused or has been only used once or twice. 

My first look was inspired by Black Swan, using an embellished top I bought a year ago and only used once.

This was then paired with my gothic-ish tutu skirt, net tights and my pumps, which I tied with cords I cut out of an unused dress to resemble ballet slippers - with heels.

It was very whimsy with a gothic edge - loved itt!! Go to Carla's blog to see her challenge looks; she used a straw hat ;) I also credit her for the picturres, and Mr. Penguin for the cam...thanks!!


Top : Friendly
Skirt : Local
Tights, Bangle & Necklace : China
Shoes : Gifted




  1. Wow... I love this outfit you put together... and it does resemble the the black swam!

    Love it =)


  2. I really like your top Che.. When are you coming back? Miss you


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