The Not-so-little Red Dress

I'M WEARING>> Dress: H&M// Jacket and sunnies: Asos// Shoes: Nike// Earrings: Forever 21

This is the kind of dress that demands a reaction from everyone who sees it, and for good reason, don't you think? I have gotten so many compliments of this dress, but also a lot of weird comments, one of which was 'I thought you were going to a wedding' hahaha. 

Personally tho, I think I've learned to like it, even if I didn't like it so much when I bought it. I bought it, actually, to wear to a banquet with Leon's family. His is a very traditional Chinese family, and it's almost impossible to really get an approved outfit right, what with the conditions being not to show your arms or legs (like, at all), no black, white, or darker colors, and be just tasteful enough. So I picked up this ridiculously red dress and told Leon one day, 'there, I'll wear this and see how they like it'. Funnily enough, they really, really like this dress, to my surprise.

The first time I wore this dress I paired it with kitten heels and a really big trench coat, but for the blog, I decided to go a little more casual, pairing it with my trusty leather jacket and a new pair of white sneakers, this time from Nike. I do love me an amazing pair of white sneakers and I've been wearing these non-stop.

Anyways, life feels again like I'm on the edge of being unbearably busy, while not being busy at all. Like, one day they're all gonna come at the same time then I won't have time to blog or do anything else. But I am enjoying the lull immensely -  just watching GoT with Leon, celebrating birthdays with friends, and trying to catch up on this blog.

So, I hope you liked this outfit, and let me know in the comments below! See you soon - Che



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