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I love it when my husband goes all secretive by the time September comes around. For you new readers, September is that time of the year when four major events are celebrated in my life - starting with my birthday on the 18th, our Wedding Anniversary on the 19th, and Dating Anniversary and my mom's birthday on the 20th. Yep, three events that require my sweet husband to go extra romantic for once, and it's always a hit or a miss with us and romance.

It's not surprising that he treated me to an amazing lunch on my birthday (though he tried to hide it, cute thing) - what surprised me was how much I enjoyed the experience at Voyages by Alain Ducasse, a French restaurant brand that recently opened at Morpheus, Macau's newest and swankiest hotel. The place was cozy, with large table seating and a cool bar area. Food is ordered Ala Carte, and if you wish, you could take the recommendations from the restaurant manager, which is what I did hahaha. 

The food theme is French-Asian fusion, inspired by Alain Ducasse's travels, with lots of seafood paired with homier meaty flavors you might be more familiar with.

What we ordered:

Raw - Salmon Ceviche (MOP 98) for me | Red Tuna Tiradito with Avocado (MOP 128) for Leon
Starters - Pan-seared duck foie gras, beetroot (MOP 228) for me | Voyages signature X.O. (MOP 248) for Leon
Mains - Zaatar shoulder of lamb (MOP188) for me | Lobster, mango/almond crumble for Leon (MOP 388) with Crispy rice, green asparagus (MOP 78) for the sides
Dessert - Mojito composition (MOP 98) (shared)

Here's a tip for all you trying out your first, plated, full course meal - go for food you would normally not like or have not tried before. For me it's a great way to judge whether or not you actually enjoy the dish you are eating. Because if you're a big chicken/shrimp fan and are given a chicken/shrimp dish, more often than not you would already like it off the bat, because you like the familiarity of the chicken/shrimp. I told Leon this hahaha, but he didn't listen.

This is why I ordered Foie Gras (which I actually kinda low-key hate most of the times I've tried it) and Lamb (my least favorite meat).

So what do I think? My first course, the ceviche, was not a good start. I didn't like it so I switched with Leon for his tuna. His tuna tiratido is amazing! Fresh, light, and just plain good.

My foie gras course I was dreading, especially when they brought it out and it was literally just foie gras on the plate, but this may be one of the best foie gras experiences I've ever had. No joke, no lie. This post isn't sponsored, if that's what you're thinking. But truly, this dish was amazeballs! Leon's XO sauce seafood dish was okay, but really nothing special since fried seafood tossed in XO sauce is something you could always find in this part of the world. He lowkey ate a lot of my foie gras hahaha.

Finally my lamb main dish was amazing as well, and paired quite well with the flavors of my previous dishes. With the crispy asparagus rice it was a heavy meal. I was quite full afterwards.

Then of course there was the cocktails. Quite a lot of cocktails thanks very much. While we ate we had Bellinis, and afterwards I had this basil sakura cocktail that packed quite a punch but I loved so much. Not gonna lie, we are for sure coming back there just to drink. Their bar area is quite good and the bartender was really nice.

All in all, an amazing birthday lunch. Leon gets two and a half husband points for showing me that place hahahhaha.

So would I return? Hell yeah. The food is really good, and comes in larger portions. I'm also so excited to just go there for drinks at the bar. I really enjoyed the chill vibe there. It wasn't intimidating or anything. Just a great place for delicious food :)

Learn more about them HERE.



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