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I'M WEARING>> Look by H&M x Moschino

Yasss, I'm back! I didn't mean to go quiet for so long, but I suppose you guys know by now that a wedding is afoot (my own), and it's happening in less than one week. But come on! You know I had to at least post these photos in my lewk from the H&M x Moschino Collection! There's no way I couldn't. I have been a longtime fan of Moschino and Jeremy Scott, and you could say that this is finally my way of wearing pieces from the ubiquitous duo.


So when I was choosing the pieces to buy, my eyes, of course, gravitated immediately towards the boots, because aren't these the most insane looking boots ever? They're also insanely high, so perfect for pictures but not for daily life (at least not for my low-key daily lifestyle hahaha). I love all of the pieces I got though. They are well-made, and for us plus-size girls, a little more oversized to fit our frames perfectly. Having to take sample sizes, I was afraid the sweater wouldn't fit, but it does, perfectly. This look came out amazingly, right? One full look to celebrate the new collection.

When I do buy, I might go for the other jackets and the choker - because momma needs that MOSCHINO choker so badly, but it wasn't in the sample list. Also one of the many sweaters! Ahhh! Can't wait! So, are you buying the new collection? Sound off in the comments below! - Che



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