Cotton Candy Hair

I'M WEARING>> Top: Asos// Bralet: Gigi Amore// Pants and Jacket: H&M// Boots: Something Borrowed// Sunnies: 100 Hail Marys

Hi loves! Here I am, this time debuting a newer, lighter hairstyle. I was planning to have it dyed even pinker than the rosey gold hair I ended up with, but nonetheless this was the change I was craving ever since I resigned from my job. I feel light and pretty, and I can't wait to dress up!

Anyways, this was our poor attempt at pictures last Sunday. The weather was quite weird - hot one minute then pouring rain the next, while the sky remained blue as ever. Yep. Macau summer weirdness right here. I wore this pink jacket I picked up at H&M about two years ago, one of my favorite culottes, and my longtime crop top! The bralette is new though, a little something extra I picked up from Manila during my last visit. I love it! It really amped up this outfit.

There's not much to update you guys on my week, because things have been pretty quiet around here lately. I really need a break from the monotony, to be perfectly honest. Sigh. Let's see how it goes! See you all soon! - Che



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